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Aston Martin F1 Chief Otomar Safnauer is confident that the team will be able to “make the race fun again” for Sebastian Vettel following the winter switch from Ferrari.

Vettel, a four-time world champion, lost his seat in the 2021 season after Ferrari signed on behalf of Carlos Sainz Jr. in opposition to offering him a new contract.

Prior to the rebranding as Aston Martin, the Racing Point team plunged and signed a multi-year contract with Vettel to replace Sergio Perez.

Vettel recently visited the Aston Martin F1 team’s factory for the first time, completed the seat fitting and began to learn about the new engineers and crew.

Vettel’s move took place behind Ferrari’s disastrous final season, with him scoring only one podium and dropping to 13th place in the championship.

Vettel remains motivated to succeed in F1 and is confident that the new environment will help German drivers get the best out of it, Safnauer, principal of the Aston Martin team. Told.

“He is more motivated than ever,” Szafnauer said in an interview with German broadcaster RTL.

“He is curious and asks us a lot of questions. He worked in the past on how we run, work and do our job here. Compared to the one.

“He definitely helps other teams that have won world championships to understand better or different areas than us, and he helps us improve those areas. Will do it.

“It’s run differently here, and the driver is treated differently from his hometown. Indeed, he wanted to make the race fun again for him.

“I’m sure I can take him to the highest level. At the age of 33, don’t forget how to drive a racing car fast.

“He will prove to the world that he will be in the right environment, have the right motivation and the fun of racing will come back. He will do a great job.”

Vettel will race with Lance Stroll, who won the podium twice last year and won his first pole position at the Turkish Grand Prix.

Safnauer was confident that Stroll would learn from Vettel, but he was confident that it would help young Canadians push their experienced teammates and get the best out of both drivers.

“He will learn from Sebastian, but it won’t be easy for Sebastian,” Safnauer said.

“Lance is really, really fast. He shows it even when wet.

“What I like most about drivers in the past is that they worked really, really well together. Lance and Cebu do the same thing, first become teammates, then compete with each other. I’m expecting.

“They will learn from each other, which will move the team forward.”

Safnauer also suggested that Nico Hulkenberg, who made three race weekend appearances at Racing Point last year, may be playing some role with the team as a replacement for both Stroll and Perez.

“I haven’t announced anything yet, but take a look at this space,” Szafnauer said.

“We are intimate with Nico and we are talking to him. That’s great for all of us.”

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Aston Martin can “make racing fun again” for F1 champion Vettel | F1 News Aston Martin can “make racing fun again” for F1 champion Vettel | F1 News

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