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We visited the Astro Gaming booth at this year’s PAX East and experienced the Astro.ID program, which allows you to customize one of them. A40 TR Headset as you like. For an additional premium fee, you can customize the colors of all parts of your headset to create something truly your own. Astro spins the colors every few months to give the headset a real “own” feel. When the color stops spinning, Astro claims it’s gone forever.

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It’s all fun and fun, but let’s talk about the headset itself. So computers rely heavily on headphones because monitor speakers are garbage and there isn’t much space to put them on your desk. This means that I’m always looking for headphones that offer excellent listening quality at an affordable price. Also, after using headphones for more than an hour, I often use headphones that cause a great deal of strain on my ears, so I am particularly concerned about headphones.

I have used Astro A40TR Headsets since February and it thankfully check all the boxes for me. I wore these things for hours without any problems. With long cables, you don’t have to worry about accidentally moving your head too much and causing a disaster. The material holds up like new, but it’s amazing considering how rough I am. And the music sounds great in it. I listen to a lot of music, but some of my favorite genres have heavy bass. A40 It can be delivered fairly well. There were no complaints from my friends about the fact that the built-in microphone came in clearly.

If these are $ 150, would you recommend it over something like Audio-Technica? There is no hell. But if you’re looking for a gaming-only headset (and want to pay a premium to customize your headset) Astro A40TR A great choice.

Astro A40 TR Review – U N I Q L O

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