Astro Playroom (PS5, 2020) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make. I’m here to discuss music today Astro playroom, May be one of the best video game soundtracks of 2020.

Astro playroom (((playlist / Long play) Is a cute platformer pre-installed on all PS5s. Oddly enough, it has become one of the most expensive games ever released. Or you can get a free bonus when you buy PS5. You decide what to think about it. Indisputable: Astro playroom rule. It’s short, most people beat it within 3 hours. But it’s explosive and shows off the new PS5 controller and all its great features. There is also a great soundtrack. seriously.

Let’s ask:

Sony / Astrobot (YouTube)

From the moment the game starts, throughout its execution, you get this amazing mix of truly catchy e-songs and a bright and happy atmosphere.In fact, it sounded a lot Little big planet I listened to the music in my ears, looked up who composed the soundtrack, and found out why.All music Astro playroom composer Kenneth YoungWas a composer and sound designer for many media molecule games, including most Little big planet Franchise. Given how great and wonderful the soundtrack is, Little big planet Game, it’s not shocking Astro playroom It’s full of songs like “”Network speedrun theme.. ”

Sony / Astrobot (YouTube)

But easily the best music playroom A track written about different parts of the PS5. It’s hard to believe that someone was able to create a whimsical and catchy song about computer parts in a video game console, but that’s true. For example, there is a song that the PS5 GPU is doing as much as it can.

Sony / Astrobot (YouTube)

For some reason, this game contains music that makes a small part of the PS5 love and care. GPU, thank you for doing everything you do to make my game great. I’m not crying, to be honest, I’m just rubbing my eyes. Is anyone cutting onions here? That’s probably why I’m shedding a little tears. Yup…

I don’t want to spoil this game too much. If you have a PS5 and haven’t played this game yet, please fix it and play as soon as possible. Even if you don’t like the platformer, references to music and older PlayStation consoles and games are enough to give. Astro playroom One shot. Plus, don’t you want to hear the GPU singing to you?

That’s all for today’s morning music! Thanks for the console and its parts. They deserve some love. See you tomorrow!

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