Astro Playroom Review-No Limits

Astro’s Playroom is a great showcase of PS5 and Dualsense controllers and is a small game that is fun overall. It’s relaxing to play and is packed with collectibles and PlayStation references. This is a great first game to play on your PS5.

Astro playroom
Developer: Team ASOB
Price: Free (pre-installed on all PS5 consoles)
Platform: PS5 (reviewed)

It comes with the PS5, so it’s no exaggeration to say that most people play it. Astro playroom At some point. If you’re not sure if it’s worth it, let me know it’s definitely worth it.It’s like Sony created its own free platformer Nintendo LandWhile skillfully taking advantage of many new features of PS5.

When the game starts, you’ll see a brief interactive overview of the Dualsense controller’s features. This is a fun way to get used to the hardware. Because you can tinker with the controller as it guides things. It will then be put into the PS5, from which you will be given several levels to choose from. Each is based on different parts of the PS5, such as the GPU jungle and memory memory. Each level has its own theme, and the skillful combination of parts of the PS5 and the fantastic environment sets it apart from the other levels. It’s not that challenging (of course), but it’s also not boring. Astro is well controlled, fully weighted and makes the platform a comfortable and refreshing experience.

In most cases AstroJump mainly on the stage, attacking enemies to collect coins. These coins can be used on the Gashapon machine to unlock the PlayStation history diorama and relics from PS1 to PS5. It’s a nice touch that makes the HUB much better, with a hat on even the most ambiguous PlayStation consoles and peripherals.I’m a little prejudiced, but I loved seeing the Vita love it Astro It is in the collection. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of PlayStation references scattered throughout each stage in the form of dressed-up astro robots.From Devil May CryFrom Dante to Rabbit Jumping flash!Like all The PlayStation reached out in some way, which made me smile very much.

“”With very catchy music themed at any level, there are some very impressive stages.“”

Throughout the stage, there are many transformations that allow you to traverse the environment in different ways. From large monkeys that use motion control to rockets that show off Dualsense’s adaptive triggers, the transformation allows you to try everything the controller offers while offering a variety of gameplay at each stage. Just before each conversion slows down, it returns to Astro control.

Despite its simple visual style Astro Looks great. The clear waters of Cooling Beach look sharp and gorgeous, as well as the different weather effects and backgrounds of each stage. With very catchy music themed at any level, there are some very impressive stages.

The last word
Astro’s Playroom is a light and fun platformer that acts as a great introduction to the Playstation 5. This isn’t the longest game, but the way Playstation history is viewed using Dualsense is enough to hype when Playstation fans enter the new console. generation.

MonsterVine Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – great

Astro’s Playroom Review – Has No Limits

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