Astro Playroom

Star Astro playroom A small white robot, Astro. His body is bulbous and sealed with a slippery luster. A blue cloak is fixed to his back, matching his eyes, boots, and bobbles on the edge of the antenna. His wrists are ringing in silver, and his thoughts are in the head of the television no matter how he turns. To meet his gaze is to stare at the flashing glow of the diode. Whatever the pain cached in his CPU, whatever the hard drive of his nature, happiness spreads within his circuit. In short, our hero is hardware.

The game, on the other hand, is another. You can’t really call it software for two reasons. First, it warms the PlayStation 5 corridor, which comes pre-installed on all consoles, as if it were a swirling mass of happy memories. To remove it is like tearing a child off the arm of the motherboard.And second, it’s very relentless about Hardware: Both the strange power showcase of the DualSense controller and the ode to plastic that clutters the past of those who have played for a long time. The developer, SIE Japan Studio (specifically, Team Asobi), has created a platformer from the same blend of delirium and precision. Super mario, And fill it with fossils and look inside and behind with the act of indulging and flirtatious reflexes.

Initially, Astro sits loosely in the plains and prairie of the PS5, sprinkled with age-old artifacts such as PocketStation, PSone LCD monitors, and multi-tap. Each discovery is guaranteed with a small caption, like curling paper in a fortune cookie. For example, if you find a PlayStation Mouse, you will see the message “You can now make a ball.” First memory card: “Very long, resting overnight!” And PlayStation Portable: “I love being held.” On the surface, of a plateformer with collectibles and Easter eggs. The concept is not a big deal, and it is pure narcissism for a company to peruse its history catalog. So how do you explain the impact of the sharp and gentle emotions that jump when you see UMD? A small roundel that bores the PSP game, fastened to a white cassette. More than just fetish, our love for retro technology resonates not only with the time we once poured into it, the days when these gray and cream shells were gone by Sony, but also with ourselves. It is tied to the way to cross. We love to be held.

And from plastic to rock. For water and glass; for grass, snow, and steel. This is the surface of the adventure as Astro traverses the imaginary room of Sony’s new machine via Memory Meadow, GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway and more. And such is a texture guided by a combination of tactile feedback. An adaptive trigger that tensions and loosens like muscles. The speaker has almost the same relationship as the bark of the controller and the smell. For example, note that the noise, gentle fizz and patterns that change as the rain solidifies into the hail freezes in the pin shower and is helped by the sense of touch.

If you were to summon a word to describe Astro’s playroom, it would look like this: Easy-Mood, not difficulty. Astro throws himself into Gizmo’s arsenal, such as a jumping frog suit where steel springs appear to be tightened inside the trigger, and a jetpack that blows hands away as DualSense is flooded with rocket fuel. .. In addition to that, a Minigun and a bow and arrow (which, of course, fires balls and rubber bolts, blood drops don’t dare to pollute this electric dream), and you yourself for complications. May prepare. But it never arrives. Instead, the refreshing tone and controller tricks combine to make the action emotionally and physically manipulable. The debris agglomerates thanks to the sensations created by the wire in the hand and the black-and-white mass of metal. How good is technology to explore ways to intertwin and blend with emotions?

The platform is accompanied by all the usual traps (electric floors, drifting blocks of clouds disappearing at your feet), but avoids the pitfalls of unnecessary complexity involving many developers who are tense for freshness. To do. The toughest criticism I can collect for Team Asobi games is that the design isn’t new. Some of the attractions offered are sassy cut from Nintendo. One of the enemies is to lift Whomp straight. This is a distorted tombstone. Mario Kart You will be thrilled on your way. But here, it was reused as a CRT TV, whatever else. This is another kind of muddy tombstone that we receive only with a distant smile, without frowning.

There are many around. If you start by bringing your PS5 to your coffee table Astro playroom Don’t be surprised if your entire night is blurry, with the intention of a quick taste (while something else is being downloaded in the background). After playing for myself, I saw my friends fly at once. This is partly due to the soothing bubble of art direction by Sebastian Brückner. This envelops you in a vision of complete plasticity. Check the tree where the trunk is actually the length of the cable and tied with a twist tie. Or a flower whose buds bloom in the shape of a PlayStation face button. Also note Caper, a fellow Astro player who pays homage to the characters who described the strange shape of Sony’s success in different ways, big and small.

It cannot be said that the miniature Galahad did not melt my heart. Order: 1886, Mustache on the visor and throw a crackling lightning bolt. Elsewhere, in the depths of the cave, I nodded to a spore-infested clicker and found robots Joel and Erie hiding from a red-eyed stalker with a cute-colored plug on her head. Last of us.. Similarly, I was impressed with the music of Kenneth CM Young. This includes the sad prospect of being sung by an avid GPU (“I never wondered why / I’m eye-catching? / It’s a costume you’re overlooking /” All the choices I made “). Of course, underneath all this is a layer of arrogance. And whatever your opinion on Sony, when it emerged from its own high opinion, it produced its most distinctive work.

Think of the PlayStation 4 (we are informed that “the promised greatness. More delivered”). This is a dark and wise sliver that appears to have been created for the practical purpose of destroying close competition. Now compare the PS3 (“with great power …”) to its bursting midriffs, oil and chrome finishes, and strings that soar during power-ups. It could have been built by the company only at the height of its power, where the air becomes thin and competition does not justify the idea. It was this approach that created the undulating curve of the new console (“Fifth is alive!”).At the end of Astro playroomIt’s worth taking the time to research the PlayStation Labo. The gleaming hub collects the treasures of effort, such as consoles, peripherals, and discs, along with your own pile of personal memories. Obviously, that’s what Sony has done, looking at the chapters behind it and looking to the future.

Developer: SIE Japan Studio (Team Asobi)

the publisher:Sony

Available on: PlayStation 5

Release date: November 19, 2020

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