ASTROA20 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Review

ASTRO Gaming is seen by many as being in the immediate vicinity of the world’s most respected gaming headset maker. For good reason, for years they have provided audio options to gamers of all types. Today, they have rebuilt one of the best-selling headsets, the Gen-2 A20 Wireless, to lead to the next generation of games. That’s pretty good too.

ASTRO’s Gen-2A20 wireless headset is designed specifically for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles and brings together gamers. Xbox Series X | S And PS5. The Xbox version is also pleased to run the black, white, and green colorways to ensure that it fits well into the Xbox ecosystem. If you’ve seen the ASTRO headset head-on before, you’ll be at home right away with the look of this headset.

It’s a slightly angular product that eliminates the sweep curve to incorporate sharp lines and details, and the black headband that holds it together looks great. With the ASTRO logo on the outside and plenty of pads underneath in a typical ASTRO style, it fits snugly on your head. Like most headsets, it’s also fully adjustable, and the striking white sides of the headset move up and down to make sure the A20 fits the way you want. This white detail blends around the earcup and shines from the center with Xbox green detail. It must be said that this looks great when placed in the largest size fitting, but if you need a smaller fit if you want, it’s a bit too spiked and too futuristic. I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s a bit weird and different from the standard.

The black earcup itself has the ASTRO and A20 logos, looks and feels good, everything is well-fixed, with little bending or rotation. To be honest, I don’t need either. The cushion that caresses the ears is gorgeous, and it feels good to ride on the head. In long-term testing, the cloth covering the 40mm speaker driver begins to stick to your ears, so it probably contains a little more padding. Sure, you will find that sometimes you need to relieve some pressure. They are absolutely okay.

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However, those speaker drivers sound good. Probably not as big as I would like, but everyday games that turn sessions on and off don’t just provide the audio details you’re looking for. ASTRO sells the Gen-2A20 for its ability to provide “real” audio, and that statement applies to its use. With little distortion, whether all the hell is unleashed on the modern battlefield, or at maximum volume-it provides a consistently solid audio party.

Controlling that audio should also be easy. The right earcup has an easy-to-use power button and an EQ mode that allows you to run PRO, STUDIO, and ASTRO products. The former provides accurate mid and treble tuning, and the Studio option is perfect for accuracy, movies and music. , And the latter dials up the bass. To be honest, I’ve found that ASTRO’s settings are almost perfect for all gaming occasions, but if you want to mix things from time to time, you have the option to do so. There is also a volume dial on this side of the headset that allows you to join both games and party chats at the push of a button, depending on what you want to modify.

Meanwhile, the host of the most important boom mic is the left cup. This is a fairly long boom, as it runs a flip-to-mute mechanic, but it means it’s very easy to use and deploy. It’s also very bendable, so it’s best to place it in front of your mouth or a little further away from your mouth for clarity. Apparently it sounds good and I’m happy to communicate with my friends. But my only concern is that the mic isn’t covered in cloth or windy, so when I move it to the mute position, it hits the outside of the plastic headset itself. It’s okay if the headset is on your head, but it’s a bit annoying to always hear a rattling noise when the plastic microphone and plastic headset come together. It just makes the A20 feel a bit cheaper in that regard-there’s a £ 100 price tag on tow, but that’s certainly not the case.

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The ASTROA20 wireless headset for Xbox promises over 15 hours of battery life and isn’t too far away in use. Charging functionality is provided via the included USB-A-USB-C cable. It’s great that ASTRO works on the latest USB-C route rather than Micro-USB. This should theoretically mean that this headset can be charged via the large number of USB-C cables that most gamers have laid in its place, but in practice it should be a little tricky. is. The included cable charges the Xbox Series X A20 without any problems, but there are some other cables that don’t. For example, I don’t want to know the Google Pixelbook chargers (the ones we’re scattered all over), but I don’t want to know the OnePlus phone chargers. The morality of that story? There is no problem if you keep the attached ASTRO cable at hand.

It’s also a headset with a 15m wireless range, and the included USB-A wireless transmitter is connected to your Xbox console. To be honest, I’d like to see this transmitter stick out too much when it’s in place, so it’s much smaller. However, moving the A20 from console to console is an easy task, as you have a nearly constant connection established from the beginning and you can buy a secondary transmitter.

So the final idea? Now, if you’re a fan of what ASTRO Gaming has offered in the past, the Gen-2A20 wireless gaming headset for the Xbox is definitely something to consider. It doesn’t feel as premium as I would like, and the styling is a bit marmite, but when it comes to audio, it provides exactly what you need. From the perspective of both what comes in and what comes out of the mouth. For smidges under £ 100, the ASTRO Gen-2A20 wireless gaming headset, reworked and redesigned for the Xbox, isn’t a bad choice.

A big thank you to ASTRO Gaming for providing the Gen-2A20 wireless headset for Xbox for opening and reviewing.You can pick up units for yourself from ASTRO Direct..

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ASTRO A20 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Review

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