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The American League Championship series moved to Boston for Game 3 at Fenway Park on Monday night, with the Astros and Red Sox splitting the first two games of the Best of Seven series at Minute Maid Park. It will be a draw one by one. ..

Astros came from behind, using a pair of late home runs of star infielder Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, Win game 1, And the Red Sox won the Grand Slam by JD Martinez and Rafael Devers in the first two innings Grab game 2..

“We match very evenly,” said Astros manager Dusty Baker. “That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re in the final four. These are two teams that won’t stop.”

When and how can I watch the game?
The game will air on Monday at 8pm ET / 7CT on FS1.Streaming is also possible MLB.TV With authentication.

What is your starting lineup?
Baker was the first in the ALCS centerfield to Jake Meyers, given that before Game 2, when the Astros hit Boston in Game 3, Myers’ smashed shoulders shouldn’t be a problem. May tend to give a start. In Game 2, 3 strikeouts resulted in 0-3.

Red Sox: Supported by two Grand Slams in Game 2, the Red Sox keeps rolling on the plate. Manager Alex Cora will have almost the same lineup in Game 3 except for the catcher that Christian Vazquez slots back.

Who is the starting pitcher?
José Urquidy (8-3, 3.62 ERA) pitched last on the final day of the regular season (October 3). Home start vs. A, 3 runs and 3 strikeouts in 6 innings. Right-handed players did not pitch in the American League Division Series. He started Game 4 vs. White Sox on the tab, but the rainout delayed the game by a day, and the Astros ended the series with Ace Lance McCullers Jr. instead.

Urquidy faced the Red Sox once during the regular season in Houston on May 31st. He hit more than 6 innings and 9 innings on that outing. The right-handed player has played a great postseason match against the Astros over the past two years, scoring 2.81 ERA in 252/3 innings in eight games (four starts).

Red Sox: Cola picked up the team’s longest-running starting pitcher, veteran left-handed Eduardo Rodríguez, to steal the ball in Game 3. .. However, he struggled with the start of two regular seasons with the Astros, giving up six runs in 4 2/3 innings on May 31st and again in Boston on June 10th. However, the Red Sox feels that Rodriguez is a much better pitcher than at that time in the season when he had many problems with his change-ups.

How are the bullpen lined up after the starter? Are there any rescuers available?
The Sunday break should help the Astros reset the bullpen and should be almost full power on Monday. Still, Houston can use the extended outing by Urquidy, given that Game 3 is the first day of a three-day break. The Houston bullpen was responsible for most of the Astros playoffs, so fatigue can be an issue if the starter continues to run short.

Red Sox: Nick Pivetta, who made 30 starts during the season, will continue to play the role of Red Sox rover and will be able to play from the bullpen after not pitching in the first two games of the series. If Rodriguez goes deep into the game, Cola can suppress Pivetta and start Game 4. Boston’s bullpen stopper Garrett Whitlock made two innings in Game 2. .. In other words, Coke must have a full deck on Monday night. Game 2 starter Nathan Eovaldi even said he would have one or two innings, but it’s unclear if Cola will take him to it.

Are there any injuries to watch out for?
Luis Garcia was knocked from the start with a pain in her right knee in the second inning of Game 2. Baker said Garcia had been injured for some time after the match but hadn’t mentioned it before Game 2.

Red Sox: With the exception of the right-handed relief Garrett Richards, who was removed from the Division Series roster on the left hamstring strain, the socks have no injuries.

Who is hot and who is not?
Correa is 4 to 8 home runs in the AL Championship Series and 9 to 21 (.429) in the postseason. … Altuve is 1 to 8, home runs in the AL Championship Series and 6 to 24 (.250) in the postseason. … Brantley is 1 to 9 in the AL Championship Series and 8 to 28 (.286) in the postseason. … Bregman is 2 to 8 in the AL Championship Series and 8 to 24 (.333) in the postseason. … Alvarez is 2 to 6 in the AL Championship Series and 5 to 17 (.294) in the postseason. … Tuckers are 2 to 8 in the AL Championship Series and 7 to 25 (.280) in the postseason. … Gurriel is 7 to 3 in the AL Championship Series and 24 to 6 (.250) in the postseason. … Maldonado is 19 to 1 (.053) in the postseason.

Red Sox: “Hot” is absolutely not justice for the scorching Hernandez. In his last five games, Boston’s center fielder put together October’s historic pace to 15-25 with four doubles, five home runs and nine RBIs. … Devers is also getting hot. He is 13-6 with 2 home runs and 7 RBIs in the last 3 games. … Renfroe was one of Boston’s biggest weapons of the season, but hasn’t played in the postseason yet and has raised .667 OPS so far.

Something else that fans might want to know?
The Astros starting pitcher has recorded 7.17 ERA in 21 1/3 innings in six playoff games this year. Their bullpen has 3.69 ERA in 312/3 innings.

The Astros scored at least five runs in all six games played off in 2021. Only the 1987 Twins (7 games) made longer stretches to start the postseason.

Hernandez is tied to the most home runs in Red Sox history in one postseason, comparable to David Ortiz (2004, ’13) and Todd Walker (2003). He collected nine extra-base hits this postseason, linking the most sock players in one postseason with Mike Lowell (2007), Kevin Youkilis (2007) and Ortiz (2004, ’07). ..

The Red Sox has scored more than 10 hits in five consecutive games, marking the longest consecutive win of such a game in post-season history.

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Astros vs. Red Sox ALCS Game 3 Start Lineup and Pitching Matchup Astros vs. Red Sox ALCS Game 3 Start Lineup and Pitching Matchup

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