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AT & T makes the right call for climate change

As a climate scientist, it’s interesting to see the evolving stories and perspectives on climate change. I sometimes suffer from contrarian thinking and incorrect information, but I think that society is finally here. Pew Research Center research in 2020 Two in three people surveyed found that the government thought more about the climate. The same study also found bipartisan support for specific mitigation strategies.Even if the United States has taken inappropriate policy measures such as temporary withdrawal in recent years Paris Climate Agreement And Suspicious decisions within a climate-focused institutionThe bright point for me was the activity in the corporate sector. AT & T’s Climate Resiliency Challenge is a perfect example of why I remained optimistic.

AT & T Is the world’s leading telecommunications, mobile service and media company, and perhaps one of America’s most iconic brands.Dr. Shepard, “What is the relationship between AT & T and climate change?” AT & T Climate Resiliency Project.. The giant is partnering with the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory to leverage the shared resources of both organizations to prepare for the inevitability of climate change and its impact on infrastructure, services, and financial well-being. According to the project’s website, “With this, AT & T has developed a climate change analysis tool that helps predict the potential impact of climate change on network infrastructure and business operations 30 years from now.” Announced that this tool is being piloted in the southeastern United States. This led to the AT & T Climate Resiliency Community Challenge.

In 2020, the company donated $ 50,000 to researchers at five universities (University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Appalachian State University, University of Miami, and University of South Florida). Each institution receives funds, According to the websiteUses data and tools with the Argonne National Laboratory, which is affiliated with the aforementioned partnership, to “assess local climate risk and assist local governments in climate adaptation and resilience planning”. The activities of these projects are as follows:

University of Georgia: Quantification of flood vulnerability in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. This reveals that black, Hispanic, and low-income communities have a 38% to 185% higher flood risk compared to average risk. The study also highlighted flood-prone areas that are not recognized as flood areas by the area.

Georgia Institute of Technology: Georgia Color Community and Analysis of Flood Vulnerability, and Methodologies for Mitigating Floods and Communicating Dangerous Threats.

Appalachian State University: Assessing the risk of wildfires, landslides and floods in rural areas of western North Carolina. Communities have less access and input to cells in climate adaptation and mitigation policy decisions.

University of Miami: Assessment of future microlocal floods in two vulnerable areas of Miami-Dade County.

University of South Florida: A study of the communication gap between the St. Petersburg community and local civil servants on post-hurricane resources and assistance using the Community Resiliency Information System (CRIS).

Click here for more information on the results so far Link..

I talked to Professor Brian Bledsoe about his work at the University of Georgia. Bledsoe is a prominent professor of the Georgia Athletic Association in the Faculty of Engineering and director of the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems. “Our work is increasing evidence that people in colored and low-income households are much more likely to live in flood-prone areas throughout the region,” he told me. Bledsoe said these vulnerabilities are amplified not only because of where they live, but also because these communities tend to face inequality during flood recovery efforts.

“AT & T understands that its wealth of neighborhood-level data enables researchers and decision makers to better assess the risks of climate change and keep their communities safe, so use it internally. We have decided to make our climate forecast publicly available, “said Charlene Lake, AT & T’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Chief Sustainability Officer. She goes on Climate Resiliency Community Challenge It will support southern policy makers and important climate change decisions.

AT & T makes the right call for climate change

https:///sites/marshallshepherd/2021/04/07/att-is-making-the-right-call-on-climate-change/ AT & T makes the right call for climate change

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