“At the age of Roger Federer, no one has ever done it,” says top analysts. – Tennis Sports

History returns to the field in the week that Novak Djokovic enters history. Tomorrow, March 8th, with the release of the updated ATP rankings, Serbs will be the number one player in the longest number of weeks.

Compared to Roger Federer’s 310, there are 311s, but 13 months later I returned to play on the same day and was excited just to pack my suitcase. I can’t wait for many fans around the world to admire him again (only the last photo with the racket had over 700,000 likes on Instagram alone): Federer in Doha, Qatar Registered for ATP250 in ATP250 has already landed for a few days and is ready.

On Wednesday, 404 days after January 30, 2020, when he lost to Djokovic in the Australian Open semifinals, he became the second seed and benefited bye-bye in the first round of Evans and Chardy. Face one-on-one between. ..

«It was a long and difficult road-confessing Federer in a video posted on his Twitter profile before embarking on Qatar-. It’s been a year since the last tournament. I haven’t reached the finish line yet, but I feel fine.

I train well and am really excited. Thanks to everyone who was near me at this time ». On August 8th, Federer will be 40 years old. He may have quit tennis many times and many years ago. In the face of injury and two knee surgeries last year, he never gave up.

After the Australian Open a year ago, he quit playing tennis because of a pandemic, and even when he started playing again, Roger was too aware of the risks and didn’t rush back. did. He could return to Australia, but he wasn’t feeling well. Quarantine would have been done for him and the family he wanted.

There are too many complications, so it’s better to wait and start with a minor tournament, but in better condition. Two-time slum champion Heinz Guntalt recently likened Roger Federer’s comeback to a “good crime thriller”, emphasizing his ability to pull off the unexpected of the 39-year-old.

Guntart talks about Roger Federer

“I was missing Goose Bumps,” said Heinz Gunhard. “What do you expect from Roger Federer? It’s like a good crime thriller: I don’t know what you expect. Roger is breaking new ground. At this age, his ambitions No one has ever achieved it. “

Another former Swiss player, Yves Allegro, appreciated Roger Federer’s playing style. Allegro argued that Federer’s tennis was “unique” and different from Rafael Nadal’s and Novak Djokovic’s tennis.

“Roger’s way of playing tennis is unique. He’s attacking,” Allegro said. “This is in contrast to Nadal and Djokovic. Great players like Roger can win tournaments as long as he plays and believes he can.”

– Tennis Sports

“At the age of Roger Federer, no one has ever done it,” says top analysts. “At the age of Roger Federer, no one has ever done it,” says top analysts.

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