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As soon as he lifted the trophy after India’s overwhelming victory England Finish Series 3-1 with Ahmedabad and compete in the World Test Championship Finals. Virat Kohli Handed over in a hurry Axor Patel.. It said more than obvious symbolism. Home or away, pink or red balls, gabber or motera as captain, cori or rahane, bamura or natarlejan, jadeya or axor, spin or seam, it’s not really important to this team and they’ll always find How to recover from any adversity.

“This didn’t come overnight. It’s been two and a half years of work to get to the top of the table. It took me six years to do that,” said coach Ravi Shastry, who is delighted. Told the broadcast camera. “They scored 520 points, topped the table and deserved to play in that (test championship) final.”

It must be sweet to see them defeating Australia and England in a series of series to reach the finals. In a sense, it shows a change in sport control from the old guards, not only in the conference room but also in the stadium.

When they lost their first test in Australia last December, it felt like the beginning of a recurring nightmare. However, the dream comeback continued.

Again, the defeat to England in the first test was a shock. However, the empire was revived and the aura was restored. The fact that they played almost two different teams in eight home and away tests and still won, speaks a lot about the strength of the character and the bench.

India had to win 2-1 in a series with England to compete in the WTC final against New Zealand in Rose in June. In three tests of the spin, instead a complete refurbishment was made to England, ending the WTC cycle with 520 absolute points and 72.2 percentage points (PCT).

In absolute terms, India has surpassed the WTC table since the start of the tournament two years ago. However, in November last year, ICC’s cricket decided to invalidate the match that Covid had forcibly canceled and only determine the WTC league ranking from the match played. It made the PCT gained from the match very important. It made work in India difficult. They suddenly slipped down the WTC table and a test series in Australia was imminent.

India bounced after being bowled in Adelaide for 36 years. In a terribly depleted squad, they conquered Downunder. After losing the first test against England, the host’s backlash blew the enemy away. The second test won in four days, the third test lasted less than two full days, and the fourth test was completed within three days.

The pitch for the second test in Chennai and the day and night test in Ahmedabad was placed under the scanner. A nearly perfect cricket surface has been laid out for final testing, but India’s qualifications in the WTC finals are not yet guaranteed.On the pitch, where Washington sundal Before the shortage of partners, No. 8 scored 96 points, No. 9 Axar Patel was nearly half a century old, and tourists could only manage two scores of 50 or more in two innings.

Indian cricket enjoys a surge in talent.when Mohammed Shami Fractured his forearm in Australia Mohammed Syrage Appeared and took 13 wickets from 3 tests.When the injury is set aside Ravindra Jadeya, Washington stood up to be counted in Australia. When Jasprit Bumrah was injured in Brisbane, Shadal Takul came in and helped win the match with a bat and a ball.

Prior to the England series, the biggest question was who would be the team’s second spinner, with Jadeya still unavailable. Axar Patel was introduced into the mix as a similar alternative. The left arm spinner took 27 wickets in three tests, including four five fours and an average of 10.59. He spun the visitor, so after some point English batters began to see the ball spin into a square, even when fired straight. Ravichandran AshwinnThe leader of the spin pack, 32 wickets, finished the series in the first century.

India also won a new match in seven matches between Australia and England. Reshab pantsFlattened England when Adam Gilchrist-style 101 had control of the game in the fourth test. Based on 270 runs in this series and significantly improved wicket keeping, it’s a futile attempt to capture the impact of the pants.When his cricket became a cocktail of talent and discipline, India found a worthy successor to MS Dhoni more than six years after retiring from the test of MS Dhoni, so the pants rose like a champion.

“We worked hard on him (pants). There was nothing easy and he wasn’t told in uncertain words that he had to respect the game a little more. He lost a little weight. Must, he has to work hard to maintain him … and he has reacted, “Shastri said.

In Australia, Kori took parental leave after the first test. Cheteswar Puhala has applied a lean patch to England, Ajinka Rahane Staying around, Shubman Gil struggled. But when the situation gets tougher, Rohit Sharma I started. His 161 at Chepauk brought India back into the series. His 66 in the pink ball test, which all other batters struggled with, was world class.

Shastri summarizes the team’s achievements as follows: We can’t control it in Australia, and it’s the same here. “

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At the end of the series, dusting, Team India makes it to the final of the Lord At the end of the series, dusting, Team India makes it to the final of the Lord

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