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I don’t like getting into conspiracy theories about the media, Zion Williamson And the New Orleans Pelican, Tin Foil Hat may be right.

Pelican fans often lament that the team has not been actively reported in the national media. Positive stories about Zion Williamson tend to be buried, and negative opinions appear in all headlines, making them difficult to discuss.

If Zion says he likes Madison Square Garden, the headline is “Zion goes to Knicks!”. If someone anonymous in Zion’s family says he didn’t like how New Orleans treated his injury, the headline is “Zion is unhappy in New Orleans.”

But when Zion himself says he is, it’s not a peep. It’s not hard to understand why New Orleans Pelican fans are fed up.

New Orleans Pelican: Can I believe in Zion Williamson’s words?

Take recently Media day As a perfect example.

Zion sat there and said as clearly as possible that he loved the city of New Orleans. But did this break the headline? That’s not the case, but at least it’s not outside of Pels’ beatwriters, who do a great job at least.

There was little coverage of it, so Zion had to go out on the radio and repeat himself, but no one noticed.

Zion Williamson finds tired of having to answer this question. Can you accept that he likes the city of New Orleans? Is it hard to believe?

This is a guy in a small southern town who likes his privacy. He was injured all summer and we didn’t even know because he was given in New Orleans where people are away from his business. Do you think it’s possible in New York?

You see, people are interested in Zion and I think things like his injuries and play are fair games, but this idea that everything about his experience in New Orleans is negative. It’s just garbage.I don’t care if people want Criticize the organization For what they dealt with, it has nothing to do with whether Zion likes the city or not.

Zion may leave someday, and probably because few players will stay on the same team throughout their career. But that’s because Zion is one of the greatest cities in the world and his desire for privacy.

The only way this stops is when the New Orleans Pelican begins to win. Fortunately, Zion Williamson has some control over the story, but until then, I’m sure he needs to hear more about how Zion hates New Orleans. Someone who has never bothered to ask him.

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At Zion Williamson, the focus is always negative At Zion Williamson, the focus is always negative

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