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ATA: Biden’s vaccination obligations will disrupt the supply chain

One of the largest lobbying / industry groups in the truck industry argues that President Joe Biden’s plans to require many large companies to vaccinate their employees with the COVID-19 vaccine will have a negative impact on the country’s freight delivery activities. I am.

On Thursday, September 9, Byden instructed the Occupational Health and Safety Department to begin the process of requiring more than 100 employers to vaccinate or be tested weekly. Biden’s plans arise because many states are struggling to contain the delta variant of the disease.

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Chris Spear, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Trucking Associations, issued a statement on Friday, September 10, in response to Biden’s plans. said:

“The first rule of public health policy should be” harmless “. Unfortunately, these latest obligations and the unintended consequences they produce are below that standard.

“ATA, its members, and drivers continue to work on providing life-saving COVID vaccines, but these proposed requirements, albeit intentionally, cause further disruption throughout the supply chain and our country. Preventing COVID-compliant efforts and economic recovery.

“If these missions are designed to protect Americans, why choose a discriminatory 100-employee threshold, winners and losers for both employees and employees?”

“As this proposal progresses, ATA is considering all options and will choose the path to protect our industry so that we can continue to offer it on behalf of our country.”

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ATA also posted on its website:

“Given our track record of successfully keeping drivers and other employees safe through this pandemic, we find that these new requirements in the truck industry are almost unnecessary. The 100-employee threshold. Some policy decisions, such as, may be substantive. Unnecessary trucking capacity and negative impact on the US supply chain. make worse Current driver shortage and broader labor shortage.

“If the administration is serious about protecting Americans, why doesn’t it include people working in companies with less than 100 employees?

“This indiscriminate threshold selects winners and losers and is effective in vaccination with the majority of employees working in companies with less than 100 employees, or independent contractors such as truck owners and operators. In addition, it is unclear how it will be implemented. The test program given by our driver travels nationwide in a particular week. ”

ATA: Biden’s vaccination obligations will disrupt the supply chain ATA: Biden’s vaccination obligations will disrupt the supply chain

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