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Ateeb Rahman is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering majoring in aerospace. Currently, Ateeb, a mechanical engineering intern at Hanwha Aerospace USA, hopes to become an astronaut to assist in the progress of space exploration in the future.

Please explain what you are doing in the internship. How does it relate to your future career goals?

Hanwha is an aerospace manufacturing engineering company. The Hanfa branch where I worked specializes in integrated blisk rotors. During my internship at Hanwha, I was responsible for creating and managing operation sheets for various projects. We also analyzed CNC machines and tools to improve process / product efficiency, accuracy and quality.

My future career goals are in line with space exploration, but the internship at Hanwha was very beneficial to myself and my career. I learned a lot about product design and how to work with a team of highly functional engineering professionals. The work environment was very cozy and productive. I am grateful for the internship experience that gave me insights into the CT aerospace engineering industry.

How did your participation in student organizations such as UConn Electric Motor Sports, UConn Homies, and Muslim Student Association support you through your college experience?

By joining the student organization, I was able to take root in the university and build meaningful relationships with fellow UConn patrons. Organizations such as UConn Homies emphasize community awareness and pride in being a husky. Everyone needs to attend UConnHomies (especially Homer B. lovers). Thank you for the diversity of UConn’s student organization. They made my experience as a student much more enjoyable and healthy.

How have mentors played a role in your personal and professional development?

My mentor and role model has contributed to my motivation and ambition to pursue my dreams and goals in both my personal and professional life. What I have accomplished as a student and as a person can greatly contribute to their guidance and support. It may not be possible to maintain consistent communication with all mentors, but I know that all mentors want me to be their best version.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in getting a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering?

For anyone considering mechanical engineering, it’s a fun major and it’s really interesting to learn about all the different topics. UConn’s Faculty of Engineering is collaborative and provides a wealth of resources for students to use. I chose MechE because I was interested in space exploration, but I have no regrets about my decision.

The load on the course can sometimes be overwhelming. I have found that breaking everything down and taking it step by step at a time leads to better learning and understanding. Try to balance your academic and personal life. UConn is more than just a class. Take a step back and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Relax, relax and have a good time.

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Eric Zawadoniac

Ateeb Rahman – UConn Center for Career Development Ateeb Rahman – UConn Center for Career Development

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