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Houston-Sudden loss Charlie Morton Hanging on these Atlanta BravesIt’s so popular that it lasts long even on games he wouldn’t have started. And on Wednesday night 7-2 loss NS Houston Astros In Game 2 of the World Series Max Fried Asked about the possibility of returning with a short break for pitching in Game 5 on Sunday-Morton would have made a start without the broken fibula that suffered from a cambacker in Game 1.

“We’ll see how I feel in the next few days, but I’m not against it,” Fried said.

Freed put the Braves in the 5-1 hole in the second inning, allowing five singles, but three of them weren’t hit particularly hard. He suffered three consecutive losses this postseason, allowing 17 runs in 142/3 innings. However, his outing was considered positive for simple reasons. He pitched up to 5 times.

The Braves bullpen was particularly taxed during the Game 1 victory on Tuesday, forcing him to win 52/3 innings after Morton’s early exit. Thursday continues to be a break, but the Braves face two bullpen game possibilities for the rest of the series-Fried for the first time in Game 4 on Saturday and perhaps in Game 5 on Sunday. His career unless he comes back with a short break. By the end of Wednesday’s two rounds, Fried had already thrown 43 balls. However, from the start of the third to the end of the fifth, he retired nine consecutive batters, made his sixth appearance, and finally Braves manager Brian Snitker placed a highly leveraged rescuer. I prevented you from doing it.

“It’s great that he can be in sixth place there, especially after being able to record the runs they made,” Braves Catcher said. Travis d’Arnaud Said. “It gave our bullpen the rest they needed.”

Dylan LeeA 27-year-old Journeyman, he made three big league appearances in his career, scoring his first two outs in the sixth.When Kyle WrightHe started the major league only twice this season, hitting the side at the bottom of the eighth and showing a curved ball that bites with an active sinker in the process. Both are little-known rescuers who pitched in low-leverage situations, but provided encouragement outings to teams who could later be forced to trust them.

“The bullpen obviously plays a big role in what’s happening because we lost a huge starter,” said the starting snicker. Ian Anderson In Game 3 on Friday. “Probably two games in a row, throwing 18 innings from the bullpen.”

The first two games from Houston are the sixth in World Series history, beginning with two teams exchanging at least four-run wins. Four of the previous five series eventually continued seven games. After winning the split on Wednesday, the Astros became the first team to win a World Series match at Home Park on Wednesday 1,097. This is a number distorted by the postseason of Neutral Site, which was staged during last year’s COVID-19 pandemic. However, the team lost 10 consecutive Home World Series games towards Wednesday, marking the longest consecutive win in history.

The Braves remained seemingly satisfied.

They won the game on the street, and now they’re back at Truist Park in Atlanta, where they’re proud of five consecutive wins this postseason.

“The Braves Country is real,” Snicker said. “That’s why I think it was so important to split here.”

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Atlanta Braves Game 2 Starter Max Fried says he “doesn’t oppose” pitching Game 5 in a short break Atlanta Braves Game 2 Starter Max Fried says he “doesn’t oppose” pitching Game 5 in a short break

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