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At a glance:

Last week’s record: 3-1-1
Comprehensive record: 29-16-1
-.500 weeks or more: 4/6 (.667)

This Week’s Recommendations *:
* All games are subject to change.

December 31 (Thursday)
Robert Morris in Niagara
Interesting story: Bentley played the Air Force on New Year’s Eve 2010. I invited my girlfriend at the time to a pack drop at 5pm, but omitted the details of the JAR. She loved hockey in Bentley’s Alum these days, so she planned a New Year’s date night around her college match, but she wasn’t aware she was playing Division I. .. Exhausted in a JAR and then ruined the supper after failing to measure the stir-fried rice (obviously 6 cups were wrong). We have been married for 6 years and will have our first child in April. I don’t know what that means for this game, but if you’re planning a date night tonight, you only need to cook two cups of rice. Or do not. Then it’s a better story. Robert Morris wins.

January 2nd (Sat) and January 3rd (Sun)
Mercy Hurst vs. Canicius
Atlantic hockey’s biggest classic rivalry finally hit the ice when Canicius returned to hockey. The Golden Griffins split their first weekend against Robert Morris, but the pause eventually put the team in a strange position to fully resume the season. Home and home with Mercyhurst has always been comfortable for me, and this year’s Lakers team is in tears. Last year, Glyphs swept the Lakers at the only meeting at the end of the season, winning a total of 9-2. I think the Lakers will take revenge this weekend. Mercy Hurst Sweep.

Army West Point vs Sacred Heart
Another classic rival between the two teams competing for a rise. Sacred Heart’s .5003 points are better than Army Westpoint’s .333, but this weekend’s 6 points are especially because AIC has been turned off after the series with Holy Cross was postponed. Great for vaulting both teams to the top. ..I like it Split Two welcome back games are available in this series.

Long Island University vs Bentley
These are sneaky big games for the Falcons after the “first half” ended with 5 points and 4 losses. The only non-conference game on schedule, LIU is an opportunity to restart and tinker for two nights, fighting for victory over a burning team to start the program. Aside from the long furlough after the RIT, the Sunday match is the first home game at the Northwell Health Ice Center. This is a great achievement for sharks. Sharks want to debut a gorgeous sweater over the weekend. I think it will be a watershed for the program. I really want to get rid of the sharks, but I can’t shake the feeling that Bentley is pulling a home game on Saturday. Split.

RIT at Rochester Institute of Technology
RMU’s match against Bowling Green is the only match before Niagara since December 5th. Having that game, and the bowling green game before it, should eliminate the rust on the links. This is because RIT tied Colgate and defeated Niagara during the holidays. This could be the best series ever, with the two teams starting to gain momentum, but everyone knows how high I am in colonial. RMU sweep..

January 3rd (Sun) and January 4th (Mon)
Niagara Air Force
I hate to call the team desperate, but it’s clear that both teams may have joined the series and are looking for their first win in the league. Percentage-based point formats can turn things around on big weekends, but neither team can afford to lose points on the back end. It will be an exciting series. Last year, the Air Force won two Niagara at home with one goal, but the Purple Eagles scored five out of six points at home early in the season. Both of these games worked overtime with one 5 to 5 regulation overtime and 3 to 3 additional points Thai overtime the next night. I’m choosing Niagara based on a furlough, but don’t be surprised if the Air Force grabs more than a game. Nia Glass Epe..

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Atlantic Hockey Picks: December 31st-January 4th | College Hockey Atlantic Hockey Picks: December 31st-January 4th | College Hockey

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