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There has been some turmoil from enthusiastic tennis fans as they learn that the game’s leading mobile results app, the popular ATP / WTA live scoring app, will be deprecated in 2021.

The disappearance of this app will not help anyone, including the people in the field. My calculation is that fans will need at least nine different apps to follow live scores for a licensed professional tennis event for a year. twitter

Created by EDH Tennis Limited, the app was launched a few years ago and is available in 19 different languages ​​in the Apple Store, acting as the official live scoring app for both ATP and WTA tours, with play schedules and matches. Offers. Statistics for all pro tournaments.

Despite its popularity, the tennis chief has decided to dispose of the app due to “data feed changes.” This is obviously no longer feasible.

In the New Year, two separate systems, ATP and WTA, will be offered instead to drive backlash from fans across social media.

“ATP and WTA have announced the deprecation of the ATP / WTA LiveScores app on all mobile and desktop platforms. Changes to the data feed will prevent the app from supporting both ATP and WTA technical requirements. I did. “

“From today, mobile users will be redirected to the dedicated WTA live scoring page with the official ATP app, the home of ATP live scoring to improve the user experience.

“ATP and WTA continue to explore opportunities for collaboration between digital products.”

Users have double-standardly accused the two governing bodies a year after being encouraged to work more closely to tackle the future of sports, especially with regard to the announcement of sports to the general public.

“Instead of Djokovic fighting for PTPA, we need to get everyone together to get the LifeScores app back,” one fan tweeted, another wrote: “The ability to view ATP / WTA scores, OOP, and lottery in one app seemed to be appreciated and agreed by all tennis fans. I think a lot of people are now heading to the livescore app. . “

Ben Rosenberg tweeted. “Tennis United is the only one … And I received the following reply. “The loss of this app won’t help anyone, including those in the field. My calculations show that fans can follow at least nine live scores for a licensed professional tennis event for a year. You’ll need a different app. It’s a great opportunity for third parties to intervene and unite. “

Another lamented. “I get headaches every day trying to figure out exactly what the sports head is trying to do. With every decision, they seem to keep the audience away from it.”

It’s not clear when the decision to ax the app was made, or whether this was the result of a new digital services contract recently signed by both ATP and WTA, which provide direct feed to betting company subscribers.

Also, there are no signs of plans to release a digital extension app that combines ATP / WTA in the future.

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Shouldn’t it be easier as technology advances?

Alternatives for true tennis fans include Resultina, which is available on both Apple and Android phones, but is a subscription-based app that currently costs £ 11.99 for 12 months. FlashScore, on the other hand, is a free app, with a variety of betting apps and officially running apps. By the tournament itself.

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ATP / WTA Live Score App has been released ATP / WTA Live Score App has been released

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