Attracted to life developers interested in reviving past entries on Switch

As you may know, 505 Games and Digital Continue bring it Drawn to Life: Two Areas To Nintendo Switch on December 7th. Described as “revitalizing the beloved franchise and modern continuation of the series,” it will be a digital-only release.

If the game gets enough support, it could even bring back previous entries in the series from the Wii and DS era. “Directports” don’t seem to be an option due to the richness of the stylus, but it’s possible that these games will come back on Switch.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Digital Continue founder Joseph Tringali said:

“I had a pretty good idea of ​​it (switching from the previous Drawn to Life game), and that’s what I want to work on. The first two have a lot of stylus features, so the direct port is It’s not an option, but there are some cool ideas that I think will work. Doing this is both what we want to do, along with a larger sequel, but future plans are there for that. It depends 100% on a sufficient number of audiences. It will depend on the reception of two realms. “

As already mentioned, sequels can occur if there is a sufficient audience. Want to see the Drawn To Life series bring great benefits? Please leave a comment below.

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