August 2021 Pokemon GO Egg Chart: 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 12km Strange Egg Hatchlist

One of the most reliable ways to get a new Pokemon Pokemon GO Passing Incubation of eggs.. But what kind of Pokemon can you expect from each type of egg?

In Pokemon GO Pokemon eggs Players are randomly rewarded by visiting Pocket Stops around the world and receiving gifts from friends. Hatching eggs is a great way to grow candies and in fact there is a good chance of providing better Pokemon with better statistics that you may find in the wild. Some of the rarest and best Pokemon in Pokemon GO are most easily obtained by hatching eggs. This is useful. By the way, if the hatched Pokemon has a shiny shape in the game, you can also hatch from eggs.

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Pokemon eggs are a mysterious lottery. There are different types of eggs in the game, but you don’t know what to hatch until they hatch. This gives us a wide range of ideas about what to expect in terms of both hatching time and hatching time. Potential Pokemon inside. It is one of the purposes of this page to list the egg charts of all Pokemon that can hatch from each type of egg. But first, let’s talk in more detail about how eggs work.

This page was updated in August 2021.

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Pokemon Go Egg Hatch: Get Eggs, Hatch Eggs, Speed ​​Up Hatching

As mentioned above, Pokemon Eggs are available at Pokemon Go-Through Pokestop, Gifts from Friends, Defeat of Leaders in Battle, and Adventure Sink. The types of eggs are as follows and are named after how much they have to move to hatch. 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 11km, 12km..

Most Pokemon eggs, like any other item, can be obtained by simply going to the Pokestop and swiping. However, it depends on the egg. 7km eggs can only be obtained from gift packages sent by friends. Both 5km and 10km eggs can be dropped via Adventure Sync, but Adventure Sync eggs have a different hatch pool than the standard version of these same eggs. A 12km “Strange Egg” is a random drop if you defeat the Team Go Rocket leader in battle, as long as you have enough space in your egg inventory.

You can only have 9 Pokemon eggs If you have – 9 at a time and find one in your pocket stop, you will be forced to leave it behind. When the eggs are full, nothing will be dropped from the gift. You have been warned.

Once you have a Pokemon egg, put it in an incubator to hatch. After touching the egg, select the incubator and put it in. There is one unlimited incubator that you can use indefinitely (it’s orange). The incubator is ideal for hatching fast-hatching 2km eggs. You can buy other types of incubators or receive them as a reward. Its use is limited to three, after which it breaks. Normal incubators (blue) hatch at normal speed, while super incubators (purple) hatch 1.5 times faster. – Some special events have further improved these speeds.

All you need to do to hatch is to walk with them in the incubator. Pokemon GO needs to be open, but you should consider turning on battery saving mode before you put your smartphone in your pocket. You can also turn on Adventure Sync. It uses the location tracking built into your phone to feed back information to Pokemon Go. Incubation of eggs is also the most convenient place for Pokemon Go Plus. With it, you can actually lock your phone completely and walk around while increasing the incubation distance of Pokemon Go eggs. This can save a lot of battery power.

If you walk the distance indicated by the name of the egg, a Pokemon will appear. As you can imagine, Pokemon that come out of long-distance eggs are rare. Note that when riding as a cycling or car passenger, Pokemon Go appears to track the distance traveled towards egg hatching only when traveling at low speeds (about 10 mph or less). please.

The following are Pokemon that can hatch from each egg type: Listed in order of Pokédex for each egg type. This month we will do our best to keep it up to date with patches and changes for the 2021 Easter event season (now the Legendary season) and other in-game events in progress. Adjust the hatching of 5km eggs:

Pokemon GO 2km Egg Chart

This 2km list of Pokemon Go shows details of all the Pokemon that can currently hatch from the basic green 2km Pokemon eggs.

SlowpokeWater supernatural powerSlowking, Slowking
AsananFighting / PsychicMedicham
Tin PaulwaterPalpitoad, Seismitoad
Van NerbyusuallyDiggers Bee
FletchlingNormal / FlyingFletchinder, Talonflame
LitreoTue / NormalPyroa

Pokemon GO 5km Egg Chart

Next, here’s a Pokemon Go 5km egg list-everything you can currently hatch from these yellow eggs.

EeveeusuallyEvolution of many Eevee
TogepifairyTogetic, Togekiss
GligarGround / flightGliscor
Skull MollySteel / flying
WynautSupernatural powerWo Buffet
BronzorSteel / PsychicBronzong
Mime Jr. (Regional only)Psychic / FairyMr. Mime
ChespingrassQuilladin, Chesnaught
FennekinfireBraixen, Dell Fox
FroakiewaterFrogadier, Greninja

Pokemon GO 7km Egg Chart

This is a list of all Pokemon that can currently hatch from 7km of eggs.

Arora Sand ShrewIce / steelArora Sandslash
Arora VulpixiceArora Ninetales
Arora DiglettGround / steelArora Dugtrio
Arora MeowthdarkArora Persian
Galarian MeowthsteelParser car
Arora GeodudeRock / electricAlolan Graveler, Alolan Golem
Galarian Farfetch’dFinding
Galarian ZigzagoonDark / normalGalarian Linoone, Galarian of Stagon
Galarian DarumakaiceGalarian Darmanitan
Galarian StanfiskGround / steel

Pokemon GO 10km Egg List

This was once the largest egg, but now it isn’t. This is Pokemon GO’s 10km egg chart.

NincadaBug / groundNinjask
GibbleDragon / groundGabite, Garchomp
TimberFindingGurdurr, Conkeldurr
EmolgaElectric flight
ClinksteelClan, Clink Run
RuffletNormal / FlyingBraviary
EspurrSupernatural powerMeowstic
GoomyDragonSliggoo, Goodra
NeubatFlying / dragonNoivern

Pokemon GO 12km Egg Chart

Pokemon Go’s red 12km egg, also known as the “strange egg”, offers some high-rise Pokemon as a reward.

QwilfishWater / poison
LarvitarGround / rockPupitar, Tyranitar
SkorupiPoison / bugDrapion
SandirGround / darkKrokorok, Krookodile
ScraggyDark / FightingScrafty
PawniardSteel / darkBisharp
VullabyDark / FlyingBargina
DinoDragon / DarkZweilous, Hydleygon

Pokemon GO Adventure Sink Egg Chart

In addition to the usual 5km and 10km eggs of Pokemon Go, there are also some special eggs of these distances that will be rewarded for achieving certain adventure sync goals.

Depending on the distance you walk, you will be rewarded with a special egg that is likely to hatch one of the six Pokemon. That is, there are 12 possible rewards in this category, 6 for each egg size.

PokemontypeEgg size
ShieldonLock / steel5km
SewaddleBug / glass5km
SkrelpPoison / water5km
BeldamSteel / Psychic10km
GibbleDragon / ground10km


Pokemon Go Egg Chart for August 2021: 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 12km strange eggs hatch list

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