Aura Kingdom Tanuki Mount Present

Hello gamers.We have another great giveaway from MMO Huts For raccoon dogs. This is what they say.

In partnership with gamigo, we offer special mount gifts Aura Kingdom!!

Aura Kingdom is a gorgeous free fantasy MMORPG adventure. Game features:

  • Interactive Companion: Eidolon is more than just a pet. They are powerful warriors in their own right and should not be despised. But if you gain their trust, they will reward you with their irreplaceable help in many upcoming battles.
  • Fast and fluid battles: Transform your battles into art! Join the battle in an unprecedented way and watch the screen explode with the power and elegance of the battlefield. If you still need more, call a trusted companion and team up to find a spectacular combo. Show all of Azria how powerful you are!
  • Stunning Anime Art: Incorporate stunning art waiting in every corner. From fantastic characters and monster models to spectacular landscapes across the horizon, you can spend hours marveling at the scenery that Azria offers. Get out there and explore!
  • Stylish Travel: Why Walk to Ride an Ostrich? Why ride an ostrich when you can fly? There are many unique and wonderful ways to travel the world of Azria, and it will be as satisfying as your destination.

What’s in the code:

  • Mt. Tanuki – This lively mischievous cute raccoon dog often sees a fluffy tail waving when trying to jump. When it is high enough, it glides through the wind, leaving an interesting trace of itself across the sky. Its appearance is almost certain to melt the hearts of those who see it. use: Right-click to get on the raccoon dog, increase the Move SPD, and use Glide.

Last note

Log in with your MMOHuts / OnRPG account and follow the on-screen instructions to get your key.

Quickly. Click the button below to receive your prize. It’s as easy as that! Are you excited about this gift?You can find a huge selection of our active giveaways and contests Freebie When Free Steam Key page.

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