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The decision was made based on the Snicko spike after the HotSpot was unmarked-this fits the protocol, but Paine felt the decision was made in a hurry.

Australian captain Tim Pain He confronted the people involved in the match and questioned the consistency of the decision after two innings were delayed and fired in the home team. 8 Wicket defeat In the second test with MCG.

Pain’s irritation, determined to have been caught behind through real-time Snico (RTS) evidence, was evident to everyone present on the third night of the game, with some commentators saying that the batter I wondered why he was able to overturn his unfair verdict. No bat mark displayed using an infrared hotspot camera.

However, the ICC protocol has dictated for several years that referees are free to infer edges from Snicko’s evidence without HotSpot. This was clearly recognized when Paine explained the exact reason for seeking further discussion about the third referee Paul. Wilson’s decision, which the captain felt, was made too quickly, among other things.

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Aus vs Ind, second test Aus vs Ind, second test

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