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Australia fighting with Google

Microsoft The country’s prime minister said Monday that he was ready to intervene in the Bing search engine if Google fulfilled its promise to suspend services to Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he spoke with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. He is confident that Bing can meet the needs of Australians.

At a hearing last month, Google promised to suspend service to Australia on a bill that would force tech companies to pay for news content produced by Australian media companies.

Morrison argued that it was imperative that Australia set rules that were appropriate for its people. He added that having a sustainable and commercially supported news environment is essential for Australian democracy.

Google has not commented on this story. Still, Microsoft said it recognizes the importance of a vibrant media sector and public journalism in democracy. The company recognizes the challenges the media sector has struggled with over the years by changing business models and consumer preferences.

Microsoft said it was not directly involved in the current controversy over the code of conduct that could govern Google and Facebook.

How serious is Google’s warning that it will stop servicing Australia?

Greg Sterling, Vice President of Uberall, said Google must be serious. If Australia doesn’t give in and Google hesitates, other nations won’t take Google’s tough negotiations seriously.

Ultimately, Google is unlikely to act. In addition, Australia is a very small market with little revenue, so we can tackle the threat to set an example, Karsten Weide, IDC’s program vice president, told TechNewsWorld. Also, if you do not do it after you have raised the threat, they will look weak.

On the other hand, when there are a lot of technical attacks, it looks like a bully.

According to Jack E. Gold, founder and chief analyst of J. Gold Associates, both sides will be defeated if the issue is too long.

Companies around the world are considering this, and seeing Google making money from them, they’re not getting anything.

But Google does. Take people to websites that are otherwise inaccessible. The question is who will withdraw first, Gold continued. If Google doesn’t retreat, they will lose income from Australia. In the global scheme of things, it’s pretty small.

He said Google wouldn’t go out of business if it lost Australia.

The New York Times reported that Google Australia raised about $ 3.3 billion from Australian advertisers in 2019, paid about $ 77 million in taxes, and reported a profit of about $ 637 million.

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Australia fighting with Google Australia fighting with Google

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