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“Australia is becoming a villain in the COP26 climate change negotiations” – WhatsApp?

Guest essay by Eric Waral

UN officials, British and US politicians, are urging Australia to take Australia’s ongoing climate destruction more seriously.

Australia is becoming a villain in the COP26 climate change negotiations

Analysis by Angela Dewan, International Climate Editor, CNN
Updated 1152 GMT (1952 HKT) September 13, 2021

London (CNN) If Australia’s allies are worried that the country may cause problems for them Future climate negotiations in Glasgow, Last week’s events should leave little doubt in their minds. That will happen.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed most reports on Thursday that his country had put pressure on Britain. Withdraw major climate change efforts from bilateral trade agreementsThere are no signs of regret or embarrassment when caught.

And last Monday, when a senior UN official warned that Australia’s climate inaction would ultimately “cause turmoil” in its economy, Australian resource minister Keith Pitt said. He dismissed the United Nations as a “foreign body” that he should care about his business. He was also proud of Australia’s plan to continue mining coal “far beyond 2030,” but many developed countries are already on track to phase out fossil fuels. increase.

Australia is becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world due to its relentless approach to the climate crisis. Leaders such as US Climate Envoy John Kerry and COP26 President Alok Sharma have recently been China’s Challenge to Climate Change —But it is Australia that has emerged as the true Paria of the COP26 negotiations.

Australia supports coal “after 2030” after the United Nations warns of economic turmoil “Australia is in the poorest position on climate of all developed countries,” Bass Eichout, a member of the European Parliament in the Netherlands, told CNN.

“They were very pleased with the role the United States played until last year, and of course now they seem to be the last to stand from Western nations to thwart progress,” he said. Efforts of the Trump era.

Australia experienced a devastating wildfire in 2019-20, scientists said the event Human-induced climate change has made it more likely.

The latest United Nations scientific climate report is Australia is already experiencing extreme heat Climate change raises sea levels above the world average. In Australia, the warmer the planet, the more heat, sea level rise and drought are projected to increase.

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I think the lack of local enthusiasm for Australia to step into the role of climate victims may be our greatest anger. The Byden administration, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson administration, and media outlets like the BBC and CNN in the United Kingdom have put a lot of effort into building a false story that countries like Australia are suffering from climate devastation. Spent. The story ruined by a complete lack of interest from Australia..

Apart from the hilarious sight of globalist climate change busy people urging Australia to take our own climate devastation more seriously, what I find most interesting about this is that many of them buy. He is blaming Australia for selling coal.

If other countries want Australia to stop exporting coal, all they have to do is stop buying it.

It’s also interesting to talk about Australia’s amazing renewable energy opportunities. The reason no one is developing the potential of Australia’s renewable energy superpower is all of those endless empty deserts for solar panels, and so far no one has paid.

If investing in renewable energy doesn’t make sense in sunny places like Australia, renewable energy doesn’t make sense everywhere.

Note: The photo above is Federal Minister Keith Pitt, CNN mentioned the backbone of our parliamentary UN renewable energy resistance. Prior to joining Congress, Trade Electricians were one of the few MPs to do mathematics and could calculate for themselves the devastation that a net zero push would have on the Australian economy. He has run a tireless campaign for continued access to affordable energy and has repeatedly stabbed Congress when it comes to resisting globalist green bullying.

“Australia is becoming a villain in the COP26 climate change negotiations” – WhatsApp? “Australia is becoming a villain in the COP26 climate change negotiations” – WhatsApp?

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