Australian Open: Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend Vanessa Sierra speaks

The girlfriend of tennis star Bernard Tomic has apologised after complaining about hotel quarantine as she candidly opened up about a recent battle with depression and how she contemplated ending her life.

OnlyFans star Vanessa Sierra, 25, is holed up in quarantine with her partner, currently ranked 228th in the world, after they flew to Melbourne from qualifiers in Doha ahead of next month’s Australian Open.

The former Love Island star has come under fire in recent days over her YouTube vlogs complaining about hotel quarantine food, lack of cleaners, and having to wash her own hair.

Sierra set the record straight in her latest YouTube video on Saturday, where she addressed the ‘s***storm’ and the death threats and online abuse she’s been inundated with since.

Vanessa Sierra has opened up about her battle with depression in her latest vlog (pictured with boyfriend, Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic)

During the couple’s first few days in hotel quarantine, Sierra claimed she and Tomic were spending $200 a day on Uber Eats as hotel quarantine was ‘hit or miss’ and didn’t always meet their dietary preferences and requirements.

She also complained in a later video about not having access to a hairdresser.

‘The worst part of quarantine is I don’t wash my own hair. I’ve never washed my own hair, it’s just not something that I do,’ she said in the video.

Sierra addressed the hotel quarantine controversy in her latest vlog, where she claimed her previous comments were taken out of context.

She explained she needed a break to ‘get myself back together’ before she responded to the massive public backlash.

‘It caused so much drama on my channel,’ she said.

The former star from season two of Love Island Vanessa Sierra (pictured) also spoke about her battle with depression in her latest vlog posted on Saturday

Womens’ world 28 Yulia Putintseva (pictured) is among slew of tennis stars who have slammed Australian Open officials and the Victorian government over their 14-day quarantine

‘My vlogs are intended for showing people my personal (life). I try and be honest and show people things as they are.

 ‘I don’t think I really complained (that much) other than about the food and I do apologise to the chefs, they’ve made a big effort to improve the food.’

Sierra also apologised for any offence caused while revealing she’s been inundated with death threats and vile messages from online trolls.

‘It’s been really overwhelming. I’ve received death threats and so many abusive messages,’ she said.

‘During this time of COVID, a lot of people are going through s*** and struggling … so for the people I offended, I do apologise.

‘It was not intended to upset anyone, it was just supposed to be lighthearted.’  

Sierra has no bitterness towards the online trolls as she pleaded with them to reach out to loved ones and to seek professional help.

‘Most of these people doing this have a history of doing this which just goes to show a lot of these people have internal issues,’ she ended her vlog.

‘And that’s not attacking you. I’m aware that people are deeply hurting inside and people are going through s***.’ 

‘So I don’t have negative feelings towards the people who write these horrible things because I know for a fact these people are going through s***.’ 

Vanessa Sierra (pictured with her boyfriend Bernard Tomic in hotel quarantine last week) has apologised for any offence caused by her previous complaints about quarantine

All tennis players who have arrived in Australia for next month’s grand slam must quarantine in a hotel for 14 days. Pictured is men’s world number one Novak Djokovic on his hotel balcony Adelaide on Wednesday

‘So please do’t be afraid to reach out to the ones who love you.’  

She also opened up about her battle with depression 12 months ago and how she ended up in intensive care and on antidepressants, which led to serious side effects where she considered ending her life.

‘I hit a pretty bad spot about a year ago,’  Sierra explains.

‘I was struggling, I ended up in ICU because of what I was going through.’

‘I ended up sharing my story to help others because it was when corona had just started, I wasn’t the only person feeling this way.’ 

Sierra discussed her tough road to recovery on antidepressants, which had side effects for the first two months as she fell into a dark place. 

Vanessa Sierra (pictured in her latest vlog posted on Saturday) has no bitterness towards the online trolls who have targeted in recent days

‘I lost my purpose in life and I couldn’t enjoy anything as I felt like a zombie,’ she recalled.

‘I was like what the f*** is this life for? I didn’t want to be here anymore. I was talking to my psychologist and psychiatrist and I was like what’s the point of life. 

‘I just wanted to end it all. I didn’t feel sad but I didn’t want to be around.’ 

She rediscovered her purpose in life after several months and still takes antidepressants today.

Sierra pleaded with others facing mental health issues to reach out to loved ones and seek help.

Many players including Storm Sanders (centre) have not been confined and are able to train under strict conditions 

A staff member wearing PPE is pictured working to clean surfaces at Melbourne Park on Thursday. Three travellers linked to the Australian Open have arrived in Melbourne carrying the highly contagious UK strain of Covid-19

Almost 1,000 players and officials who have arrived in Australian for next month’s Grand Slam are in 14 days of mandatory hotel quarantine, a requirement for all travellers arriving from overseas since March 20 last year.

While many players can leave their rooms under tight security to practice on the court, 72 are unable to leave rooms after they arrived on one of three chartered flights with an infected case of coronavirus on board.

Next month’s Australian Open has been thrown into chaos as a result.

The earliest those in hard quarantine lockdown will be released is January 29, giving them just over a week to get in court practice before the Australian Open gets underway on February 8.

The number of infections linked to the grand slam currently stands at nine.

 For confidential support in Australia call LIFELINE: 13 11 14.

Vanessa Sierra (left)  is currently in hotel quarantine in Melbourne with her boyfriend Bernard Tomic (right) ahead of next month’s Australian Open

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