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The Australian Open ended with a very high note that was unlikely at the start. Novak Djokovic’s blunder obscured the rest of the tennis news for weeks, and the revival of the pandemic reduced the ground capacity of Melbourne Park.

This year was limited to 50% [crowd capacity] At most events. It’s currently 80%, but it’s still pretty slow. But take anything. I think I’ll still lose money this year, but the recovery will begin, and as soon as 2023, I’ll recover and return to a very positive position. Craig Tiley, Tennis Australia CEO and AO Tournament Director

Media finally deported due to visa issues and a High Court ruling in favor of Australian immigrants that Selve restricted entry to the country only to those who were not vaccinated. After being done, I focused on other stories.

“He takes his place and everyone is free to take his position,” Rafael Nadal said. “But there are results. I don’t like the situation. In a way, I feel sorry for him.

“But he knew the situation a few months ago. He decided for himself.”

Losing the men’s top seed and nine-time champions has been ruled to affect interest and reduce the value of the tournament, but they proved wrong.

The absence of Djokovic benefited the Spaniards, who had to struggle for a long time to win the record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title, but it was never a shoe-in and a fair amount. Provided a high drama, especially 5 and-the 30-minute final against top-seeded Daniil Medvedev, who had the world at the edge of the capacity crowd and their seats, was completely engrossed.

The day before, Ashberty’s popular title win ended the 44-year-old drought after an Australian woman won a home grand slam with 80% capacity in the Rod Laver Arena.

Novak Djokovic was unable to defend his title because he was deported from Australia due to visa issues.

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Tennis For Australia, the weekend provided an urgently needed increase in income for its severely depleted financial resources.

Tournament director Craig Tiley has admitted that the first major of the year has been in the red for the second year in a row.

After emptying $ 80 million in cash reserves and receiving a $ 40 million loan to stage the devastated 2021 Australian Open at COVID-19, TA says this year’s edition will help make up for the deficit. I was hoping for it.

TA Chief Executive Officer Tiley revealed on Sunday that the association still lost money due to crowd caps, ticket sales declined again, and travel and COVID-19 inspection costs were incurred.

“This year was limited to 50% [crowd capacity] At most events, “Tylie told AAP on Saturday. “Currently it’s 80%, but it’s still pretty slow. But I’ll take anything.

“I think we will still lose money this year, but the recovery will begin, and as soon as 2023, we will recover and return to a very positive position.”

Tiley is confident that TA will get out of the pandemic without debt.

“That’s my plan, and by mid-year, everyone has a platform to keep working and can move on to the next opportunity,” he added, Bertie’s AO victory in TA’s finances. Said to be the center. recovery.

“We have introduced a lot of infrastructure in building our products over the last few years. During the COVID period, [playing] Participate, “said Tylie.

“It’s not our survey-it’s a government survey-so it’s compared to everything. That’s great.

“But now we have a successful marketing tool for Ash. We can match it with the infrastructure we have in place and our sport has grown really strong and It will grow continuously.

“Playing is a beautiful sport. We have said it for boys and girls, especially little girls who want to be like Ash.

“So we are very proud of her. This will really accelerate us to another level of participation.”

The march to the Bertie title, the all-Australian men’s doubles final, and Nadal’s shot for the Grand Slam title record all helped make this AO edition the best.

“It was a tough start, but at the end of the day, I bowed down and continued to work every day, it was a great event, and it went up completely,” Tyrie said.

Opposition from Chinese sponsors and broadcasters over the Peng Shuai case could land Tennis Australia in a larger deficit


But not everything is completely rosy, as there is a significant risk that Chinese sponsors and broadcasters will stop supporting AO due to the Peng Shuai incident.

Organizers were forced to postpone their decision to ban spectators from wearing T-shirts decorated with the words “Where is Peng Shuai?”. As a result, TAs can face repulsions, which can cost millions of dollars to support.

Former Wimbledon and French Open doubles champion Penn caused global horror when she disappeared after alleging sexual abuse against a former top-ranked member of the Chinese Communist Party. ..

An analyst in the sports industry Sports superpowerBeijing-based warns that it is impossible for Chinese brands and broadcasters to separate politics and business from sports.

“These things are considered very sensitive and non-negotiable from a Chinese point of view,” he said. Australian Financial Review.. “In the past, I’ve seen sponsors withdraw all at once if they don’t like it.”

In 2018, TA signed a five-year contract with the Chinese distillery Luzhou Laojiao. This included a prominent sign in the arena of Rod Laver and Margaret Court.

Richard Heiselgrave, then Chief Revenue Officer, described this as “one of the biggest deals Tennis Australia has ever negotiated,” with a five-year sponsorship with car maker Kia at 8,500. It suggested that it was worth the same as reporting that it would exceed $ 10,000.

In 2018, Tiley added: “Sure, this is one of the biggest partnership deals we’ve made.

“This helps us to tackle the next phase of global business growth very strongly.”

According to Dreyer, Peng’s problems can make relations with China awkward for TAs, and economic gains may not be worth the risk to the public perception of the organization.

“If you pay, you’re … seen walking around the line of the Chinese government, which in turn causes a big backlash abroad because you’re keeping the original audience and fans away,” Dreyer said. Told.

He added that the organization must make a choice between China and the rest of the world.

“And as long as it’s as big as the Chinese market, and as long as everyone wants to connect to the Chinese market, it’s still not bigger than the other parts of the world combined,” he said.

The restrictions imposed on the audience due to the pandemic could have resulted in the loss of the Australian Open, but the tournament was still a huge success.

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Awareness is important to TA, whose testimony ended in less than 12 months last November, a controversial multi-year contract with oil and gas producer Santos. It is in.

Santos was confirmed as the official natural gas partner of the AO and ATP Cup in February 2021, and before the first major of the year was delayed, TA said, “Santos shows how natural gas is used in everyday life. Providing a platform for “.

However, pressure from climate change activists ended the partnership prematurely, and a TA spokesman commented, “Santos was a partner of AO2021, but is no longer a partner.” Australia is an international movement of the general public working to end the era of fossil fuels and build a community-led renewable energy world for all, and AO organizers Lucy Manne praised TA’s decision, although Santos accused him of allowing the image to be a “sports wash.”

“Tennis Australia should congratulate the end of its relationship with Santos,” Mann said. “Fossil fuel companies like Santos are causing climate damage such as increased heat waves, droughts, bushfires, coral bleaching, and rising sea levels. To” sports wash “their image at major events. Do not allow.

“The sustainability of the Australian Open depends on a sustainable climate.

“Climate change is already exposing Australian Open athletes to more heat stress, and the situation is expected to worsen, according to a climate council study.”

The TA then signed the United Nations Climate Change Sports Framework. Its members aim to use sports to drive climate change awareness and action, and promise to achieve “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

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Australian Open | Finding a way out of the deficit … Australian Open | Finding a way out of the deficit …

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