Australian Pokemon GO player reaches level 50 for the first time in the world

Almost two months have passed Pokemon GO Raised the level cap in the GoBeyond update. Since moving from level 40 to 50, players have been struggling to reach this rank. This includes some intertwining. British authorities..Yesterday it wasn’t one at last, but two The player has finally achieved this goal.

It was achieved first Fleece KingAn Australian player who captured this moment through Twitch, it was a much closer fight.Australian companion Lauren Bertoni In just 16 minutes, we reached level 50, which was a fierce contest.

Some Go players have reached level 48, but have been waiting for a time limit to move forward. Unfortunately, they all noticed that the task was reset when they reached that level.that is Niantic Upon investigation and completion, Lauren’s Level 49 requirements were set to complete. FleeceKing has benefited similarly and seems to be driving the competition.

They still have to reach all level 50 requirements, which is a fairly difficult order. To do this, you’ll earn an additional 30m XP, achieve 999 excellent throws, reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League, earn 5 Legendary Catch in a row from the Legendary Encounter, and use Pokemon at 2500 CP. Three team go rocket leaders have won. The big question is, they finally got there.

Are you still playing Pokemon GO? Are you trying to reach level 50? Please let us know in the comments.

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