Australia’s 14 Best Shows on Netflix in the US

Australia may be on the other side of the world, but thanks to Netflix, their prestigious television shows are everywhere home and captivate us from all over the world. Oz may not be known to create global entertainment, but what’s lacking in quantity is more than just making up for it.

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Many of the understated budget works listed below weren’t aimed at viewers around the world, but their unique story, refreshing honest humor, and nail-piercing drama , All with international success.Some of America’s most popular shows Mindy project, Is it the best ripping of Australian TV shows? This is Netflix’s best Australian TV show.

Updated May 10, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Netflix’s Australian TV show from a fun family-friendly series A brutal crime series that delves into real-life unsolved crimes It adds a more supernatural edge to court procedural dramas and shows. Whether it’s a children’s series or a more gritty crime drama, there’s something to everyone in Netflix’s creative, engaging, and well-made Australian television series.This is Australia’s best Netflix show, the original Netflix series or Series added to the streaming service, American fans can now be found by streaming in the US.

14 Cleverman (2016-2017)

Cleverman (2016-2017)

Cleverman Is an Australian drama set in the future, the premise of which is based on the myths of Aboriginal people.

Creatures with power and speed arrive especially among other powers and try to live in humanity, but instead of living in harmony, humanity tries to destroy them. There is one person called Cleverman who can fill this fierce division of the drama.

13 InBESTigators (2019-)

Inbestigators Netflix Australia Show

This recent Australian show follows a group of fifth grade kids investigating the mysteries of their neighborhood.

The group, led by Observer Modi, will work together as a team to solve different mysteries in each new episode. This is a fun family-friendly series that is similar to the detective series, but not as grainy as the other crime shows on this list.

12 H2O: Just add water (2006-2010)

H20: Just add water

H20: Just add water Is a fun and family-friendly series that tries to keep the secret that three Australian teenage girls go to high school and are classmate mermaids.

The three friends, especially struggling to keep secrets from school bullies, do their best to lead a normal life at school and help sea creatures when needed. I am using.

11 Stateless (2020)

Stateless Netflix

stateless Is a miniseries added to US Netflix months after its first release in Australia. This series follows a character stuck in an immigration detention center.

The main characters in the series, such as cult escapers, refugees, office workers, and bureaucrats, have different experiences in detention centers, but their lives are intertwined throughout the six episodes.

Ten Deep sea (2016)

Noah Taylor at the crime scene in the Australian show Deep Water

This Australian series aired in one season and four episodes and was based on a real crime in Sydney, Australia. The episode is based on the unsolved murders of dozens of gay men in the suburbs and near beaches in the 1980s and 1990s.

The miniseries track detectives who investigate murders and try to resolve those who are committing murder hate crimes before more innocent people are killed.

9 Glitch (2015-2019)

Australian TV show glitch poster

Glitch Is an Australian television show set in the small (fictional) town of Yoorana. Here, seven individuals literally stand up from the tomb after years of death. Local police officers will discover how and why they returned, even if they endangered their lives, when they realized that their previously deceased wife was one of the “resurrections.” I decide.

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The story is very similar Came back, But the truth behind Glitch There are many in science, not in the supernatural. Either way, it’s creepy enough to get the viewer hooked.

8 Rake (2010-2018)

Richard Roxburgh is a brilliant and rugged barrister who defends guilty clients in literally every episode, including bigamy and cannibals, in this popular Australian television series.・ Starring as a green.

Cleaver Green’s bedroom disgust is going in the same wrong direction as the case he undertakes, and his self-disturbing nature (both inside and outside the courtroom) is strange to any viewer. Especially addictive. Actor Greg Kinnear failed to adapt the show in the United States in 2014, but the series was canceled a season later.

7 Descendants (2010-2017)

descendants Is an Australian comedy-drama series in which obstetrician Nina Proudman in her thirties navigates modern life with a group of fun (but awkward) family and friends.

It’s basically the original version, but it’s not shot in New York, but in the north of Melbourne. This loud laughing life comedy slice is full of dramas, flashbacks, graphic animations, and occasional fantasy sequences.The show was so popular that it spawned the title spin-off web series. Descendants: Nurse official descendants website.

6 Tidelands (2018)

Netflix Australia Show Tidelands

Tidelands Originally An eight-part Australian web television series released by Netflix at the end of 2018. The story continues with former criminal Calliope “Kal” McTear, who returned to a small fishing village in Orferin Bay.

After the bodies of local fishermen appeared on the beach, Kal began investigating a group of strange inhabitants of the town, dangerous half-siren and half-humans called “Tidelanders.” What secrets do you have in this small town? Look and find it.

Five Wentworth (2013-)

Wentworth Is a modern reimagination of Prisoner, An Australian soap opera (1979-1986) set in Wentworth Detention Center, a fictional female prison. The series captures the early days of prisoner Bee Smith in prison and the unexpected rise to the top of the prison hierarchy (a modern view).It’s similar to Orange is new black).

The show was quickly successful and the first episode became the premiere of the most watched Australian drama series in Foxtel’s history. Prior to being acquired by Netflix, the series was featured and retitled in several countries. Wentworth prison.

Four Wanted (2016-2018)

Promotional photos of the two main characters on the Netflix Australian show Wanted

Recruitment Is an Australian drama about two women, Laura and Chelsea, who were unknowingly involved in a criminal plot after witnessing a murder at a suburban bus stop.

Without spoiling, both Laura and Chelsea soon realize that they are chased by criminals and corrupt police officers and can only trust each other. Who doesn’t like the two good shows that were just in the wrong place and at the wrong time? You can now watch all three seasons on Netflix.

3 Code (2014-2016)

Don’t confuse Netflix with a three-part documentary series of the same name. code Is a six-part Australian drama TV series set in both the Australian Outback and metropolitan areas. Grab your ass as the show interweaves several plots involving the brothers Ned, a journalist, and Jesse, a brother of a hacker.

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Murder, kidnapping, fugitive, and Amazing twists and turns Black mirror Run for that money.. For viewers who enjoy sitting on the edge of their seats from start to finish, there’s no need to look any further.

2 Sisters (2017)

Promotional photos of Australia's Netflix Series Sisters

Sisters In an Australian drama series following Julia Bekley, the ignorant daughter of an in vitro fertilization expert, he may have used his sperm to give birth to hundreds of children on the bed of death. I confess to Julia that there is.

Julia’s subsequent quest to find her long-lost brother reveals that she has hundreds of brothers, but only two sisters: having a problem named Roxy Calibas. Eddie Flanagan, a warlike and formal lawyer with a TV star. It’s a hot mess, but it’s definitely worth seeing. With only seven episodes, viewers can see the entire show in one day.

1 Secret City (2016-2019)

Fans Tower on the sand I’m sure you can enjoy it Secret City, Australian person Political thriller It’s full of secrets, lies, murders, and betrayals.For all the bookworms out there, the series is based on best-selling novels Marmalade file And Mandarin code By Chris Woolman and Steve Lewis.

The series was released on Netflix just a few years ago, and the sequel to the series (and deviations from the book) Secret City: Under the Eagle Released on Netflix on March 6, 2019.

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