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Available SEO News: Google’s Page Experience Update is out

It’s been a year since we understood Core Web Vitals, fought against ever-changing indicators, and optimized and re-optimized pages that were green one day and red the next, and finally came true. Google’s long-awaited page experience update has arrived. ..This is the first half of the latest algorithm update June 2020 core update, The rollout is complete. This update combines existing user experience ranking signals (HTTPS, safe browsing, no intrusive interstitial, mobile friendly). Core web vitals Create a whole new ranking element.

That meant when Google said Page Experience would be available in mid-June. Last Tuesday, June 15th, Announcement It turns out that a gradual release of Page Experience is underway. As part of the update, Top Stories started using page experience ranking signals on Thursday, but other changes aren’t going to happen very quickly.

The rollout has been going on for weeks, so Google says it shouldn’t expect significant changes. The page experience ranking factor will only be part of Google’s algorithm at the end of August. Therefore, this update is actually “Thai breakerGoogle said it would, or was more alarming.

On the plus side, Google’s rollout announcement doesn’t introduce previously unknown information, so there’s no need for last-minute scrambling. However, this development is still a slow and ominous burn, and all that can be done in the coming weeks is to closely monitor the rankings.

If you’re panicking, keep a few things in mind.

  • Most of the page experience signals are already built into the search algorithm. They are not new. We know they exist and we should have optimized for them long before now.
  • Change must not be catastrophic: It’s normal for SEOs to be stressed about new algorithm changes, but this update doesn’t cause any major problems. Google itself says the same thing, even a “tie breaker” between two similarly ranked pages. Also note that the changes you are already seeing are likely the result of the June 2021 core update, not the page experience.
  • It’s never too late to start optimizing your site. It may seem late, but it’s not. A few weeks ago, Google’s Martin Splitt said that optimizing the page experience is a long-term goal and you can get the results you want in the coming months.

If you haven’t started optimizing your site for Core Web Vitals, now is the best time to start. As with the page experience rollout itself, let’s proceed with optimization slowly and steadily.There are some resources available and it is reliable Google Page Experience Guide It may help you become one of the lucky websites to benefit from boosting search engine results pages (SERPs). After all, whether the update is minor or major, you need to get better performance with SERP and seize all the opportunities to get more organic traffic.

Other SEO news available

Here’s what Google is saying about changing the top story carousel: As mentioned earlier, updating the page experience has one immediate aspect. Top stories have already started using page experience ranking signals. As of Thursday, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is no longer a Top Stories carousel eligibility requirement. Competition is fierce as content that was previously ineligible can now be included in this section.Google has I shared some top story tips For SEO of the “Getting Started With Page Experience” video series. To stay competitive and take away one of these top story spots, Google recommends publishing relevant content, optimizing it for Core Web Vitals, and following Google’s guidelines. For more useful insights, it’s definitely worth checking out the full video.

Say hello to Search Console Insights, a new way to understand your audience. So-called”New experienceReleased by Google and available to all Google Search Console (GSC) users, it’s exciting the world of AnnouncementGoogle describes Search Console Insights as “a tuned experience for content creators and publishers to help audiences discover content on their site and what resonates with them. It will be useful. ” I’ll bring it! Search Console Insights combines Search Console and Google Analytics data to provide more targeted insights into content performance. According to Google, publishers will find out which content is the best performing, how good it is, how users are discovering them, and more.

John Mueller explains why the Google Search Console shows a crawl error when the page loads. GSC may display a crawl error on pages that load successfully in the browser.During the latest Search Central business hours hang outThe viewer asked Mueller why this problem occurred. Viewers said that pages that otherwise look good are rejecting verification. Mueller explained that if Googlebot checks the page and finds a server error, there is definitely one. This is not a bug on the Google side. If you are experiencing the same issue, the failure is probably on your hosting server. Search engine journalof(SEJ) Roger Montti blog, If you get a GSC error of unknown cause, be sure to read it.

Mueller is working on Google’s view of link building. Mueller talked (again)-and this topic is link building, an old favorite among SEOs. During the same business hours hangouts, viewers sought Mueller’s views on link-building best practices. As any site owner knows, this is at the same time one of the most difficult and most important aspects of optimization, so I’ll give you all the advice I can. The main concern of the viewer was that Google seems to reward websites engaged in black hat practices to get backlinks.As expected, Mueller Warning against Link payments, saying that if Google catches the wind of malicious activity, it will result in manual penalties, algorithm penalties, or all suspicious links being ignored.Mueller said he would stick Google-approved link-building tactics The best and safest bet for SEO. But whether we listen or not is another story.

Use these practical tips to avoid SEO disasters while redesigning your website. With a megavirus SEJ PositionCorey Morris, an SEO expert, provides a thorough checklist for website redesign, one of the scariest SEO businesses. Every website needs updates from time to time, but doing this without compromising SEO along the way may seem like an impossible feat. It’s so impossible that many site owners want to avoid it altogether. But with the helpful tips in this article, you don’t have to do that before and after launching a shiny new site. Morris will guide you through each step of the website update, restart, or migration process, explaining what to keep in mind and the steps you need to take to ensure that your long-standing SEO progress is not lost. quickly! Please submit this article in case you need help at a later date.

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Available SEO News: Google’s Page Experience Update is out Available SEO News: Google’s Page Experience Update is out

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