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Avery: Hello, Thank you for having me. A little about me, I was born in Texas, raised in Colorado, and found my home in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently a 5th grade teacher and am aiming to be an MMA fighter. I am 25 years old and have been training in mixed martial arts for 3 years. I’m a dog mom who loves Jesus, a bold and cheerful personality, and I’m excited to come out and show the world of battle who I am.

Roberto: I like to ask this question in all fighter interviews. Why did you start the fight?

Avery: To be honest, I was afraid when my husband, Jake, first told me he was training to fight it. I remember crying from the moment I first saw him walking towards the cage until the moment they raised their hands to win. My fear of him, from excitement to shock, was the coolest I’ve ever seen. The next week I went to the gym with him to see my workout. I’ve been on the mat and have loved this sport every second since I ended up jumping and participating in the practice. I wasn’t really inspired to fight myself until I started to notice that other bad ass ladies were crushing it. I respected a lot of people and was excited about what I could do!

Roberto: Wow! You made your Muay Thai debut with Lion Fight 61 for the first IKF-Lion Fight Women’s Amateur Super Lightweight title. What have you learned about yourself to bring to the MMA cage since this battle?

Avery: The battle was seriously such an honor. I received the notification 7 days ago and wasn’t very prepared. It was a whirlwind of experience. I didn’t even know how great the opportunity was until I went out to the ring. The fight taught me a lot about myself, showed me strengths I had never known before, and helped me move forward on this wonderful journey. It didn’t work, but I realized I had beaten myself. More than that, I couldn’t fight to reach my full potential. That said, I’ve grown a lot since then. Not only mentally, but also technically and physically. I’m not just a striker / stand-up fighter, my jitz and wrestling are also improving. I’m excited to show off all of my training and hard work. I am grateful to some of the best coaches and training partners for growing up and pouring into me here at Syndicate MMA.

Roberto: On the 7th I realize it’s crazy. How was the training done during this pandemic while preparing for this battle?

Avery: The training was honestly incredible. The pandemic allowed me to focus more on training than ever before. Most of the time I felt like a full-time athlete. This feel and experience is addictive and very thrilling. I was lucky to have a mat in my garage, so my daily training sessions during the quarantine were always poppin. In addition, I was fortunate to have many travel fighters during my camp here in Las Vegas over the past year. It has provided an amazing amount of knowledge and an endless supply of built-in training partners. I am grateful forever.

In addition, during the pandemic, I trained with a small crew of beast women. These sessions were intense and helped me grow in more ways than I could explain. As far as my skills training and growth are concerned, 2020 was a great year.

Roberto: I like you continuing to train without giving up. You are playing against Alex Apodaka in Sparta Wyoming 5. Do you know her well?

Avery: We don’t know much about her because of her debut, but she looks great. I’m excited about the opportunity to share the cage with her. And try my skills against someone that many call “tough opponents”. This is one of the battles with Alex. I know she’s dating a wrestler, so I think she might be going to fight.

Roberto: What can fans expect?

Avery: Fans can expect fierceness. A battle of joy and high energy. We may have only made two MMA debuts, but this fight will spark. Fans won’t want to miss it.

Roberto: Is there anything you would like to tell Alex before you meet her in Sparta’s cage?

Avery: It’s a joy and I can’t wait.

Roberto: Let’s go back to the Muay Thai match. How was your experience fighting for the promotion of such a famous Muay Thai?

Avery: As I said earlier, it was a big chance to be on the edge. I felt casual about the experience until it all hit me. What an honor! I was seriously surprised by this promotion and its class. I am very grateful. I want to fight for them again someday. Next time there will be a higher level head and preparation camp, but for now MMA is my focus!

Roberto: Want to continue fighting in Muay Thai or both after this fight with Alex in Sparta Wyoming 5?

Avery: MMA is the focus, but it’s likely that you’ll do both before you finally become a pro!

Roberto: Great. What do your family and friends say when you want to pursue a fight?

Avery: All super support. I have the best teams, husbands, friends, and family from all over the world to see me fight. I love the support and positivity they all bring. Many were surprised when they said this was what I wanted. But in the end, everything is doing nothing but lifting me forward.

Roberto: It’s always great to have a lot of support for something you love. good for you. Are you excited about the opportunity to make your MMA debut under the Sparta flag?

Avery: 100% yes. The Spartan team was incredible to me. From my first kickboxing match to everything in between, they’re great and I love working with them. I would like to continue fighting with them. I’m really honored. Thank you for loving me!

Roberto: Well, Avery, I like to ask some quick questions during the interview. Please tell me your favorite food.

Avery: ice cream…. But if it doesn’t count macaroni cheese.

Roberto: What about your favorite music you want to listen to during training or exercise?

Avery: Everything is bright, but Disney’s classics and show tunes are great too.

Roberto: Interestingly, no one has mentioned Disney’s classical music as a successful piece of music. What do you like to do other than training?

Avery: Hiking with dogs, trail running, art!

Roberto: Where do you think you will be two years from now?

Avery: Las Vegas is still certain. The best and the best training. Be the best I can and fight full time as much as possible! Certainly shining.

Roberto: Avery, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. The screams to the sponsor or someone on the floor are yours.

Avery: I mainly scream only to my team and coaches who supported me and helped me grow through all of this. Syndicate my wonderful gym. John Wood, Natan Levy, Jerry Shapiro and Brian Zehler are the coaches I worked with. My main training partners in this camp, Melissa, Bella, Jojo, Roxy and Valerie, thank me for working the girl! And most importantly, my husband, and my biggest supporter, couldn’t do everything I did without you! Thank you very much ! !! !! Thank you very much!

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Avery Sage sat down on the FightBook MMA prior to the battle at Spartan Wyoming 5. Avery Sage sat down on the FightBook MMA prior to the battle at Spartan Wyoming 5.

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