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Avetta expands supply chain risk management services to allow more suppliers to join the network

Avetta Connect ™ enhanced to intelligently adapt suppliers to requirements and improve service tiers

Orem, Utah – March 31, 2021 – Avetta®, a leading provider of supply chain risk management software, adds intelligent supplier classification tools to Avetta Connect ™ to work with a variety of supplier types for safety and certification requirements. I’m doing a proper combination with. A new process, available in early April, streamlines supplier onboarding and adds service levels to better suit a wider range of suppliers.

“The Avetta Connect platform is unique in that it manages a large number of suppliers in a very diverse industry,” said Taylor Allis, Chief Product Officer of Avetta. “To expand the digitization of our clients’ supply chain risk management programs, we need to offer new ways to intelligently automate the classification and management of supply chain vendors. With the latest capabilities of Avetta Connect, our clients are on a global scale. You can automatically map compliance requirements to your enterprise based on the attributes in. “

How to use

1. Supplier goes through an efficient registration process and is intelligently categorized by risk level based on company type, industry and work done. The classification is based on international industry standards.

2. Enterprises configure compliance and pre-certification requirements on the Avetta platform for all supplier types, classifications, and these new risk levels.

3. The supplier is instantly mapped to the appropriate service, completes the evaluation survey, provides relevant performance indicators, uploads support documents and completes the onboarding process.

4. The supplier is then evaluated against appropriate compliance standards based on location, local law, industry, type of work, and client requirements to ensure safer and more sustainable working conditions.

Abetta Connect

Avetta Connect creates an easy and customized way for clients to communicate their specific requirements for each job. These requirements can be customized not only for safety and health, but also for additional environmental, social and governance specifications.

“We believe that pre-certification of safety is an important factor in the services we provide to our clients,” said Trey Hollingsworth, Director of Health, Safety and Environment at UP Professional Solutions and CSP. “We are proud to maintain the highest levels of safety and compliance with UP Professional Solutions. The Avetta Network continues to facilitate this process for us to work with our clients, and we all contribute to our safety performance. We guarantee that you will take responsibility and take responsibility. ”

Suppliers are intelligently evaluated and routed through the correct evaluation process based on the services and products they offer. With Avetta Connect’s enhanced analytics (statistics, incident records, history, and other performance indicators), clients create configurable dashboards and reports up to employee levels for specific jobs and locations. Gain visibility.

By joining Avetta’s network, suppliers also have access to the Avetta Marketplace, a resource for purchasing discounted safety products and other safety-related services.

About Abetta

Avetta provides configurable SaaS-based solutions to help you manage supply chain risk across areas, large and small. Avetta is building the world’s most intelligent supply chain risk management network to drive client safety, resilience and sustainability programs. Avetta leads the world by connecting key global organizations in a variety of industries, including oil / gas, telecommunications, construction materials and facility management, with qualified, scrutinized suppliers, contractors and vendors. Through innovative, configurable technology and experienced human knowledge and insight, the company provides unmatched access and visibility to its clients’ supply chain risk management processes. Avetta currently serves more than 450 companies and 100,000 suppliers in more than 100 countries.

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Avetta expands supply chain risk management services to allow more suppliers to join the network Avetta expands supply chain risk management services to allow more suppliers to join the network

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