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Avetta partners with NEXT Insurance to provide SMEs with affordable coverage

The Avetta-NEXT partnership helps suppliers save time and money by providing instant access to a wide variety of insurance products at competitive rates.

Orem, Utah — October 5, 2021 — Avetta®, a leading provider of supply chain risk management software, today announced its unique partnership with NEXT Insurance, a leading insurer transforming small business insurance, to become a supplier. We offer a customized compensation policy at an affordable price. option. NEXT offers a particularly cost-effective insurance option for small businesses. It works with most of Avetta’s supplier network.

Avetta is committed to providing customers with access to discounted safety-related products and services, and NEXT is the latest partner to join our growing network. Suppliers can link to NEXT products from their Avetta Connect ™ account (Avetta’s technology platform) to purchase or bundle general liability, commercial real estate, workers’ accident compensation, and other insurance coverage options. Through NEXT, customers can save up to 30% on premium. If the agency partners with NEXT, the supplier can continue to use existing trusted insurance partners.

Jitesh Chanchani, Alliance SVP of Abetta, said: “The NEXT partnership is part of an ongoing effort to save time and money in our network of 125,000 suppliers.”

Reliable by more than 300,000 small businesses, NEXT leverages new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform small business insurance and provide a simple and affordable buying experience. Within 10 minutes, small business owners can get their own customized quotes that can be tailored to their personal tastes and receive digital insurance policies.

“SME insurance may be required, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to obtain. Like Abetta, NEXT streamlines the process and eliminates problems for SMEs to thrive. “We are working on,” said John Dwight, Head of Channel Sales at NEXT. “Our partnership will allow more small businesses to get instantly coordinated policies without leaving their Avetta account, recognizing that they are safe and secure. You can focus on what matters most. “

A NEXT survey of more than 30,000 small businesses found that 44% of applicants who have been in business for over a year have never been insured, raising concerns for both small business owners and their customers. Is occurring.

Avetta Connect helps businesses around the world manage risk and build supply chain resilience, from increasing visibility within the network to ensuring safety and sustainability.

About Abetta

The Avetta SaaS platform helps clients manage supply chain risks and keep their suppliers fit for work. For clients employed in our network, we offer the world’s largest supply chain risk management network for managing supplier safety, sustainability, worker capacity and performance. .. We pre-qualify contractors and manage workers’ abilities across major industries around the world, including construction, energy, facilities, high tech, manufacturing, mining and telecommunications.

For suppliers in our network, our audit and verification services help reduce their safety accident rate by 29%. As a result, more than one-third of members find additional employment opportunities within the first year of joining the company. In addition, our suppliers receive privileged access to the Abetta Marketplace. In this marketplace, dozens of partners offer special discounts on business services such as insurance and work equipment. Avetta serves more than 500 companies and 125,000 suppliers in more than 120 countries.

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About NEXT

NEXT Insurance is transforming small business insurance with simple, digital and affordable coverage tailored for self-employed people. Reliable by 300,000 business owners, NEXT offers an easy-to-purchase policy within 10 minutes, providing 24/7 access to live insurance policies, including additional insureds, at no additional charge. Offers. Revolutionizing the historically complex insurance industry, NEXT leverages AI and machine learning to simplify the purchasing process and reduce costs by up to 30% compared to traditional policies. Founded in 2016, the company, headquartered in Palo Alto, received a total of $ 881 million in venture capital funding and was rated “A-Excellent” by AM Best, Forbes Fintech 50, JMP Securities InsurTech 50 and Forbes Best. Is recognized by. Startup employer. For more information, please visit Stay up to date on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and NEXT on our blog.

Avetta partners with NEXT Insurance to provide SMEs with affordable coverage Avetta partners with NEXT Insurance to provide SMEs with affordable coverage

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