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After a pandemic that closed the UFC Hall of Fame a year ago, the 2020 class finally began Thursday night in Las Vegas.

The night ended with a former two-part UFC champion Georges St-PierreIntroduced in modern times, arguably praised as the greatest mixed martial arts player of all time.

Inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame Royce Gracie From competition in 2019, holding many records, including the most title defenses in the welterweight category (9), the most wins in the welterweight category (19), and the most takedowns in UFC history (90). Introducing the retired Saint-Pierre.

Saint-Pierre is one of the few fighters holding titles in two different divisions. He finished his long welterweight rule and won the UFC middleweight title in the final battle of 2017.

Saint-Pierre can now add the UFC Hall of Fame to his long list of praises.

“I always wanted to be a champion, but having a positive impact on my sport also made a lot of sense to me,” said Saint-Pierre. “To change the game. When I retired from the competition, I took great pride in its influence.

“It’s funny. I really didn’t like to fight. It’s strange to say from the Hall of Famer, but I never enjoyed it. Finger before each fight I would snap and fast forward, open my eyes, and do it every time the fight was over. I got the freedom, health, wealth, and life I have, so I got it. I did. “

Kevin Randleman Posthumous honor in the Pioneer Wing

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman was inducted into the Hall of Fame after his death after a 15-year fighting career after becoming a two-time NCAA Champion at Ohio State University.

Admired for his incredible athleticism, Randleman was the fifth heavyweight champion in UFC history and eventually moved to the PRIDE Fighting Championship.

When Randleman knocked out Mirko Cro Cop with a vicious left hook and then knocked out with his signature ground and pound, Randleman did one of the biggest turmoil in MMA history.

Sadly, Randleman died in 2016 after a brief fight against pneumonia.

Randleman, who was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, was first introduced by a former opponent. Bas RuttenLater became one of his best friends. After that, Randleman’s wife Elizabeth, son Santino, and a close friend who were inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame appeared on stage. Mark Coleman..

“Kevin Randleman was an extraordinary person,” Elizabeth Randreman said of her husband. “He loved and respected sports in every corner of him. Good luck, don’t stop, baby. Despite being such a beast in a cage, Kevin has another side. He was one of the kindest souls you have ever met.

“Kevin is a very humble person and he has experienced a lot, but he has always been able to come out on the other side of what darkness was thrown into his path.”

Coleman also paid tribute to his friends before they became MMA champions after meeting Randleman for the first time while serving as a wrestling assistant coach at Ohio State University. Coleman stayed in the corner of Randleman from the first to the last of his career and was proud to honor him on Thursday night.

“Kevin, you did it,” Coleman said. “I’ve been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.”

Jon Jones versus. Alexander Gustafsson so UFC 165 Awarded in Fight Wing

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, considered one of the biggest fighting titles in UFC history, were honored in the epic war at UFC 165 in 2013.

It was the first battle so far that Jones was at stake after Jones ran essentially wildly in the light heavyweight division. That night, Gustafsson gave Jones everything he could handle, and they fought a tough, bloody battle for 25 minutes in a row.

In the end, Jones was able to stop Gustafsson’s progress to ensure victory, but it was arguably the toughest test of his entire career.

“It was a very difficult fight,” Jones said during the ceremony. “Thanks to Alex for being part of it. Alex taught me a lot about myself.

“The fight with Alexander Gustafsson was one of the most difficult things in my career. In the 4th and 5th rounds, I needed to bring out something I didn’t know was inside. had.”

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, Gustafsson was unable to attend the event, but he sent a message with gratitude for his honor.

As for Jones, he welcomed two coaches on stage: impressive coach Brandon Gibson and wrestling coach Israel Martinez. At least an additional £ 20 before competing again in 2022.

“I want to make Francis [Ngannou] It looks small, “Jones told the Las Vegas crowd. “It will be difficult.”

Marc Ratner Appointed as a contributor to the UFC Hall of Fame

Marc Ratner, already a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, can add the UFC Hall of Fame to his list of praises.

Former Nevada Athletic Commission Secretary was appointed to the Contribution Division after working to help expand the legalization of MMA, including a decade-long battle to finally bring sports to New York. bottom.

Ratner also served as a UFC regulator when the promotion traveled to countries without an official athletic committee. This helps not only assign referees and judges, but also oversee all other aspects of the show’s operations.

“It’s not even the right word to say I’m overwhelmed,” Ratner said, accepting the award.

During his 15-year career at the UFC, Ratner has personally witnessed all 50 states in the United States and dozens of states around the world legalizing MMA.He was introduced by a former UFC owner Lorenzo FetitaHe served with Rather on the Nevada Athletic Commission, as well as Lawrence Epstein, Chief Operating Officer of the UFC.

Dustin Poirier Receive an inauguration Forrest Griffin Good Fight Foundation Community Award

What started by auctioning the uniforms he wore in his battle for charity has now turned into his own non-profit organization, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a poorly serviced community. ..

That’s why former UFC interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier won the first ever Forrest Griffin Community Award at the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony on Thursday night in Las Vegas.

Through the Good Fight Foundation, Poirier does everything from building playgrounds for children with special needs to buying child seats for new mothers in their hometown of Louisiana and building wells in Uganda. I have come.

As part of his award, Poirier’s Good Fight Foundation will also receive a $ 25,000 donation from the UFC. This allows him to continue his philanthropy for the entire community and for other purposes around the world.

“It’s a real honor to be the first recipient of the Forrest Griffin Community Awards,” Poirier said. “It’s great that the Good Fight Foundation recognizes all the good that has gone to Louisiana and the poorly serviced communities since then.”

Before leaving the stage, Poirier held back tears and admitted Susie Friton, a longtime UFC make-up artist who recently died after a long battle with cancer.

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Awarded at UFC Hall of Fame ceremonies such as Georges St-Pierre, Kevin Randleman and Jon Jones Awarded at UFC Hall of Fame ceremonies such as Georges St-Pierre, Kevin Randleman and Jon Jones

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