B-Wing and TIE Defender landed in Star Wars: Squadrons

So what does B stand for? Bomber? Best? Is it blurry? I’m looking at the ship now, so it doesn’t look like any B I’ve ever seen. Semantics aside, a topsy-filled heavy bomber has finally arrived with a free update to Star Wars: Squadrons. The TIE Defender is an imperial fighter that looks like someone glued extra wings to the interceptor and called it night.

Hey, even shipyards have late days in the office.

This week’s update is the second of Squadrons’ Holiday Supply Drops, with new maps and new weapons first added. Now we have some properly weird new ships to install those experimental explosives.

Now that we’ve given two ships a quick shot, let’s start with the big bad B-wing. It’s weird, it’s a surprisingly tall ship, and with the new gyro aid, you can rotate the rest of your body around the central cockpit. This will change both the ship’s collision zone and the position of the weapon. I don’t know how this actually works, but I think it helps with escape sequences that go against some wild debris.

Meanwhile, TIE Defender is a tanker and shooter starfighter for space fascists. It’s one of the rare Imperial ships to the Sports Shield, and its three-protruded gun is packed with larger punches. You’ll end up losing the speed and maneuverability to tear the screen from the base TIE fighter and interceptor, but it seems like a powerful choice to defend the capital in fleet battles. I could really guess from the name.

This update also adds a custom game and messed with to test drive a new ship. There’s a lot of customization here, where you can tweak the damage count, ban ships, and adjust minor options to a rare extent outside of Halo custom games. I’ve been worried that the Squadrons player base won’t catch up in the long run. These custom games will allow you to play the game at least after the matchmaking pool is exhausted.

There are also some small balances and bug fixes. This is in the official patch notes. Combined with last month’s new map, we’re happy to see EA turn around the previous notion that Squadrons won’t get post-release content. They are good ships, I’m glad to get them more.

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The B-Wing and TIE Defender have landed in Star Wars: Squadrons

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