Baby Complete | From January 22, 2021 at Cinemas and Digital Platforms

Vertigo release Announced the arrival of Baby completeScheduled for 22nd via digital platform at cinemas in the UK and Irelandnd January 2021.

From the manufacturer Find people in the wilderness And Breaker Uppers, BABYDONE is a hilarious new hearty comedy.Produced by Morgan Wal, Oscar Winner Executive Producer Taica Waititi (((Jojo Rabbit, Thor Ragnarok, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) And Carshoe Neil (Jojo Rabbit, Hunting people in the wilderness, tickled), BABY DONE is the latest New Zealand comedy smash that hits the British and Irish coasts.

Starring an award-winning comedian Rose Matafeo (((Horn dog, Breaker Upper, Funny Girls)and Matthew Lewis (((Harry Potter, I in front of you), This movie follows Zoe (Matafeo), an adventurer who is surprised when she becomes pregnant. Her longtime boyfriend Tim (Lewis) accepts the possibility of becoming a father, but Zoe rushes through her dreams before the baby arrives.

Written by Sophie Henderson (((Traces of humans, Rufous fantail) And directed by her husband Curtis Vowell (Fantail), BABY DONE is a semi-autobiographical story inspired by their own reaction to starting a family. Rose Matafeo said of the film, “The pregnancy of Tim and Zoe is surprised at them, so their first instinct is that they haven’t fully achieved it, which many people are involved with. It’s likely that you are. “

BABY DONE – a bunch of cinematic joy – will be screened in UK and Irish cinemas and digital platforms starting January 22nd.nd 2021

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BABY DONE | In Cinemas And On Digital Platforms from 22nd January 2021

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