Babylon’s Fall is a combination of crispy combat and Destiny Power Grind.

Catherine and I actually went together Babylon fall Last week, its online action RPG by PlatinumGames goes in and out of memory over the years. Still, I was excited when I received the invitation to the third phase of the ongoing closed beta test.These are the people behind NieR: Automata When Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceAfter all, and now they are making a live service co-operative slasher. sign. myself. Up.

Currently, the closed beta version only shows a very small, very early build of the game, but there are some ideas. Combat, exploration, cooperation were all offered here, and there is a fair amount to unpack. Look beyond the early build junk. There is definitely a possibility.

There is a lowdown here because you may not be familiar with the fall of Babylon.Set in a fantasy world with the aesthetics of oil painting, this is NieR: Encounter with Automata Fate.. You play as a warrior known as Sentinel, who is tasked with overcoming Babylon’s Tower. There are lots of hacks, lots of slashes, and lots of looting. Don’t forget the Gideon casket. This is basically an interesting name for having two floating weapons on the back. This will be explained in detail in 1 second.

In this build, we were able to create characters from three races: Huysian, Agavian, and Gelelilion. For now, it’s rare to distinguish them beyond the first weapon type.I chose the sword-based Huysian because they looked like Disgrace NPCs at masquerade; snooty but elegant. Catherine chose the forest shooter Gereilion. The main reason is that the bird-like feather costume looked much more exciting than the boring gray armor of the Hammer Agavian man. Our character ended up wearing the same starter armor.

But Geleilion had one additional trick on the fake feather-like sleeves. It was the ability of two Gideon caskets instead of one. My sophisticated boy had a “Soul Vault”. This allowed me to throw myself in the direction of the connected enemy if I could unlock it in this build. Katharine, on the other hand, had a “Soul Snatch” (which allows her to absorb HP, Tethered Enemy) and “Soul Corrupt” (Tezard, which sends dark energy to the enemy’s soul and weakens over time. Ability to make).

One of the vendors is this fun little Roboboy companion, who floats with his arms twisted. We were both fans.

Choosing Sentinel jumped into a hub space like Destiny’s Tower where you can see fellow players running around. Trade with NPCs here and take on missions from the quest board. A blacksmith hits a hammer and some guards block the towering gate. Eventually there is a feeling that you will be able to change gear here to upgrade the Gideon casket or somehow go elsewhere in the town, but again, how is that? Future tests you have to wait for it to develop.

In this phase of the beta, we sampled one type of quest from the “Citizen’s Corridor” section of the Tower of Babel. This took him to a Baroque dungeon divided into multiple “chapter”. With the waves of the enemy. your occupation? Slash and advance many goblins with shields, sloppy archers and chunky fire bombers. Often there is a big boss at the end. Sometimes these may be larger versions of the monsters we’ve seen before, but others like the hammer-wielding “Igigi Warlord” were more bespoke. The latter frequently became furious and had to drain another stagger bar to stun him before returning his health to whaling.

As expected, the battle had that crispy platinum feel – only here you can use up to four weapons at a time. There is one for light attacks and one for heavy attacks, both of which can be combined. Bows, wands, hammers, swords. Whatever your fantasy takes. These are then combined with the two Gideon arms on the left and right triggers of the gamepad (keyboard controls are not supported in this build). This allows you to fasten these magical floating accessories to your back and wear your weapon. The result is a battle that is a give-and-take relationship. Attack enemies with basic light and heavy combos to feed the “spirit” meter. This allows you to dodge the Gideon arm and take further action. more damage.

Warriors fight big orcs in Babylon's fall
Locking the target will generate this diamond symbol. You may see small red indicators on the left, right, and both. During my life I couldn’t understand how it works.

Combat is fast and fluid, and by towing four weapons, the combo looks very cool. With melee weapons, it’s like a crunchy and stylish battle. Button combos aren’t particularly complicated. If you’ve played PlatinumGames before, Babylon’s Fall uses the familiar combination of following up light attacks with powerful attacks and finally hitting the flashy Gideon Arm Finisher.Not too complicated Devil May Cry 5, For example (for example, there was no effective way to shoot an enemy into the sky), but this is definitely FINAL FANTASY XV..

But when you choose a ranged weapon, that’s a different story. I found the magical staff to be tedious and boring, relying on repetitive orb slings, and less on others. Catherine didn’t say much about the bow either. Especially when her first mission puts her four annoyances together. It’s a good choice when combined with a sword or hammer, but by itself it moves on to many boring back pedals, throwing similarly repeating arrows at the skull of the next monster.

But hey, Gideon Arms is fun. When activated, Spectral swords will slash enemies or staff will launch giant magic missiles, depending on what they are equipped with. The hammer turned out to be very satisfying, as holding down the trigger allowed it to roll up a large blow that could hit multiple enemies against the ground and make them more vulnerable to attack.

A warrior stands on a stone bridge in the fall of Babylon
There are some wonderful views in the fall of Babylon. If you look closely, you’ll see the brushstrokes as if the sky was drawn on the canvas. In between battles, it really stops you and sinks your view.

However, it cannot be said that these battles included many strategies. No matter how sliced ​​and diced, as long as I keep doing that, I’ll go through. And what was waiting for me? Many of the same things, just difficult. You see, Babylon’s Fall is destined for you to have a character level and a power level. The former is determined by the experience points gained in battle, and the latter goes up and down depending on the equipment equipped. The tougher encounters with the Civic Cloister require higher power levels, so you need to grind these by completing lower ranked quests.

Thankfully, the loot drop seemed quite generous in our time with Babylon’s Fall. Complete chapters to earn relics of various rarities. At the end of each quest, you break them open, gain sweet gear, and in turn become more powerful. Like combat, armor sets and weapons also looked very fashionable. There are also quite a few statistics to absorb, such as spirit regeneration and boosts such as health. I think these will play a bigger role in full games where team composition can be more important.

It was a slim taster for the future, but Babylon’s fall shows promising signs. The question remains as to whether there are many ways to smash these levels other than progress and repeated climbs of the civil corridor. And, of course, how they handle the endgame stuff when people reach the level cap. But overall, I think we had a pretty good time. With a tentative thumbs up, the developers crossed their fingers and successfully rotated this crunchy combat core into more dungeon crawlers.

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