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For the first time since 2007, the Buccaneers entered the playoffs, winning the postseason wildcard spot with a 47-7 win in Detroit last week and holding the fifth seed with a 44-27 win in Atlanta. .. You now know your team’s first playoff opponents.

Tampa Bay will travel to the capital to play against Washington at 8:15 pm EST on Saturday, January 9th, Golden Time. The game will air on NBC.

In this year’s prime-time game, Bacchus didn’t go well, with a record of 1-3 in nationally aired night games. Tampa Bay lost at his homes in the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans, and on the Chicago road. Bacchus’ only golden time victory against the Giants in New York on Monday Night Football.

Washington, who finished 7-9 after defeating Philadelphia 20-14 in Sunday Night Football, held a 12-11 lead in the series against Tampa Bay and Bucks 31-30, 13-3 in 2015. I won the last two games with. In 2018.

Former Bucs QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and LTDonovan Smith – Photo courtesy of Cliff Welch / PR

The team, formerly known as Redskin, split two games against Bucks in the playoffs. In 1999, Tampa Bay defeated Washington at Raymond James Stadium (14-13) in a split round of playoffs. The Redskins confused Bacchus 17-10 with Ray J in the 2005 Playoffs wildcard round.

Next Saturday’s match is not the last match these two teams will meet in the near future. Next year, with a match between NFC South and NFC East, Tampa Bay will travel to Washington again during the 2021 regular season.

The NFL did not benefit Tampa Bay by scheduling the first round of Bucs playoff games on Saturday. Quarantine period if the COVID-19 test is positive. White tested positive on Thursday and missed a 44-27 victory over Atlanta on Sunday. White might have been eligible to come back if Bucks had been slotted for Sunday’s playoff game.

Playing on Saturday instead of Sunday, Tampa Bay’s wide receiver Mike Evans also over-injured his knee against the Falcons, reducing healing and recovery by a day. Bacchus is cautiously optimistic that Evans may be able to participate in Saturday’s wild card game and has not ruled him out.

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Bacchus fights Washington in the first round playoff game Bacchus fights Washington in the first round playoff game

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