Back 4 Blood’s “Bar Room Blitz” level is giving me life

Four people are standing outside the door of a barricade holding a weapon in Back 4 Blood.

image: Turtle rock

Confession time: I have never played left 4 Dead.. I clearly know what Valve’s iconic shooter is: teaming up with friends to shoot zombies, and many players sucking it up like zombies enjoying cerebral miasma. I am. Still, despite the ubiquity of the game, I just … never avoided it. Occasionally happens! Can you blame me?

For the past few days, I’ve been working on that spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood, Released earlier this week for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. (Also available from the Game Pass.) I understand that the games are very similar. Back 4 Blood Developed by the original creators, Turtle Rock left 4 Dead..

Everyone, I think I’m getting it now. The formula of teaming up with friends to shoot zombies is absolutely defeated.

What I played Back 4 BloodIn the August beta, I knew a bit about what to expect. But this week I was playing at a level called “Bar Room Blitz” so it was clear how cool these zombie killing games were. If set in the middle of Act 1, the level assumptions are simple. Make a hole in the bar. Kick start the jukebox. Zombies flock to your position. When you reach the jukebox, the music will stop. At that point, you need to restart the music. Your goal is to protect the jukebox until the song can be played to the end. Then an armored jeep will appear and you will be able to escape.

A few days ago I ran through the level KotakuZack Zweizen. Our jukebox is “Black bettyIt’s a zombie-killing song by Spiderbait. The two of us said that the song fits perfectly so far and is an ideal soundtrack to shoot down hundreds of zombies.I clearly remember saying something to the effect that we felt like we were Zombie Land Also 28 days later..

I hardly knew that “Black Betty” was one of the few songs that could pop up in the scene. Apparently, you’ll also find other iconic riff-rich songs such as The Hives’ Tick Tick Boom, Johnny Cash’s Rusty Cage, Misfits’ All Hell Breaks Loose, and the roaring Ace of Spades. Depends on the motor head. (Some kind souls cobbled various jukebox offerings together Mura playlist.. ) If you read the complete setlist, yeah, everything is just as good for the situation as “Black Betty”. I plan to play the level several times to see which songs I get.

I’ve played a lot of zombie games that capture the zipper frenzy of good zombie flicks, but I never felt legal as I am of One is not the way I did Back 4 Blood“Barroom Blitz” level. That alone allows me to come back four more times.

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