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Elise Perry Suffering from a stress fracture in her back at the ODI World Cup earlier this year and if she can regain her position in the lineup, it could only be available as a batter for the next T20I try series in Ireland and the Commonwealth Games. There is sex.

Perry was injured towards the second half of the group stage. not The final round-robin match against South Africa and the semi-finals.She returned for Final For England as a batter who made 17 out of 10 balls that weren’t needed until number 7, ESPNcricinfo understands that the full range of injuries was diagnosed when she returned to Australia. ..

“Whether she can be put in a bowl will depend on her progress and medical advice in the coming weeks,” said Australian physiotherapist Kate Beerworth.

Perry continued to expect her progress to mean that she could get the ball out within a few months, but she didn’t rush back to the bowling fold.

“It’s tracking really well, it’s great. I think it really depends on the next few weeks,” she said. “I’m doing some ongoing scans … and each time they show more clearly how it’s healing and where I am from a bowling perspective.

“Before you start bowling, you have to wait until it’s completely healed. It may start soon, but it may be delayed depending on your progress.”

Perry is part of a team of 15 people, no different from the team that won the ODI World Cup in New Zealand, marking the beginning of a new chapter in Australia after Matthew Mott’s head coach left. But it’s still unclear if Perry’s location will be in the final XI after she was dropped for the T20I, which was making up the multi-format ash series earlier this year.

Mott, who Confirmed As a White Ball coach for the men’s team in England earlier this week, he was part of a panel that selected this team in those deliberations that took place before his new job began. Sherinichke, an assistant coach under Mott since 2018, has been appointed as interim head coach for these two campaigns.

Leg Spinner Georgia Wearham and High Speed ​​Bowler Tyra Flamink They remained unavailable as they each continued to recover from long-term knee and foot injuries. After rebuilding the ACL, Wareham is aiming to return in early 2023 and will be able to compete in the T20 World Cup in South Africa next year.

Flaminck has been excluded from WBBL next season, indicating that she is also facing a fight against time. She has been using ballet as part of her recovery, just as she had a very similar stress fracture that prevented her from participating in the 2020 T20 World Cup.

“She has been working with the Australian Ballet for the past few months and will use a collaborative approach with the staff of Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia and the Australian Ballet to advance the rehabilitation,” said Beerworth. .. “Taylor’s injury is long-term, she was unable to participate in the Tri-series, Commonwealth Games, and WBBL, and her return date has not been set at this stage.”

Last year, Beerworth explained the theory behind the collaboration with ballet as part of Flamink’s program. “Ballet dancers do not have the benefits of cushioned footwear, so they must be really very strong through the feet and exceptional in their ability to accept force through jumps and landings. Hmm. “She said

As they built for the undefeated ODI World Cup pioneer in New Zealand, the T20’s focus is on defending their world title in South Africa early next year.

“The team’s playing style has been fairly consistent over the last two years in both T20 and over 50 formats, so we’ve focused on developing players who can play beyond the format,” said Sean Flegler, National Selector. Says. “It’s great to be able to keep the same group of players who fought very well in the World Cup.”

“It’s exciting to see the features of women’s games for the first time at Commonwealth Games. This is a historic opportunity and an opportunity we all look forward to.

“These two series offer Sherry Nitchike a great opportunity to lead a team that has stepped into the interim role of head coach. We, along with both Sherry and Assistant Coach, are world-class in the system. We are fortunate to have a coach, Ben Sawyer, who has contributed to the success of the team over the last few years. “

The Irish Tri-series (including Pakistan) will start on July 16th and the Commonwealth Games will start on July 29th. Australia is grouped with India, Barbados and Pakistan.

Irish Tri-series and Commonwealth Games Australian Team Meg Lanning (Captain), Rachel Haynes, Darcy Brown, Nicola Carrie, Ashley Gardner, Grace Harris, Alyssa Healy, Jess Jonasen, Alana King, Talia McGrath, Beth Mooney, Ellis Perry , Megan Schutt, Annabel Sutherland, Amanda Jade Wellington

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Andrew McGlashan is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ESPNcricinfo.

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Back injury to limit Elise Perry to the batting role of the Tri-series, Commonwealth Games Back injury to limit Elise Perry to the batting role of the Tri-series, Commonwealth Games

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