Backward compatibility on the new Xbox improves frame rates for some games

Watch Dogs 2 is one of the first games to benefit from the Xbox FPS boost.

Watch dogs 2 It’s one of the first games to benefit from the Xbox FPS Boost.
image: Ubisoft

Microsoft today announced that it will use a new feature called Xbox FPS Boost to further improve the Xbox Series X / S extensions to backward-compatible games. This does exactly what is written on the can.

“Specific titles can further improve the experience without the need for developers to work or gamers to update,” said Paul Eng, senior program manager on Xbox. Explains. Post to Xbox Wire..

Xbox FPS Boost is available today with support for five games —Far Cry 4, New super lucky story, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4,and Watch dogs 2— However, Microsoft plans to gradually expand compatibility to more games in the coming months, many of which will be available via the Xbox Game Pass.

And it doesn’t just increase the game from 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second. New super lucky storyFor example, it will run at up to 120fps.

“We worked closely with the developers to improve the experience while preserving the original intent of the game,” Eng added. “Although not applicable to all games, these new technologies push the game engine and, with the capabilities of the hardware at the time, go beyond what the original game offered, like butter. You can render a smooth experience faster. “

Eng is also a new system update scheduled for this spring that allows users to switch backward compatibility features such as FPS Boost and existing AutoHDR (which provides better color and contrast on supported TVs). We have announced that we will introduce a “Compatibility Options” menu. Supported titles.

You can play both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S Improving backwards compatible games thanks to upgraded hardware, Microsoft was more practical in the process compared to Sony’s relatively indifferent approach. Only the random selection of PlayStation 4 games confirmed the automatic performance improvement of PS5 at launch. The company has been hesitant to provide details on further improvements in the future.

In addition to the fact that Sony has completely defeated PlayStation 4 backward compatibility, it’s clear that the two manufacturers have placed different levels of importance on this feature, and Microsoft is using this latest generation console. It seems that he wants to maintain his leadership position in this area. ..

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