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Bad signs of roadside negligence say Nat Road

As recovery accelerates and floods occur, the risk of poor sign quality increases.

NatRoads Australia is “terribly behind” in city planning, including road management

Member feedback on the growing issues around road signs shows that the National Road Traffic Association (NatRoad) is calling for a new focus on this aspect of road safety.

Members’ complaints about poor road signs are increasing, including dangers and the fact that the association may not be properly positioned to give sufficient warning to drivers before and shortly before decision points.

“We are calling on local governments, state and federal governments to develop better, more consistent road signs,” said Warren Clarke, CEO of Nat Road.

“Australia’s Road Regulations Schedule 2 update and better, more consistent adoption should be initiated immediately by the road agency.

“Australia’s Road Regulations 2012 provides sign templates that have resulted in some degree of unification of road law throughout Australia.

“But while many road rules are the same across Australia, there are differences between jurisdictions and matters not covered by the road rules.”

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Clark points out that the problem of poorly shaped roads and inadequate signs is exacerbated by the large number of light vehicles commuting to work on a regular basis.

Comments received by members add that Australian urban design is terribly delayed by default growth rather than timely and positive planning, especially in the way toll roads are developed and operated. ..

“Other mostly unplanned developments are increasing the area designated as” pedestrian-friendly “with slower vehicle speeds,” he says.

“In these cases, proper planning of frontage roads is needed to enable heavy vehicles to service, maintain and supply these areas.

“Separating pedestrians and vehicles is always better than lowering the speed limit.”

In addition, the current widespread flooding in Australia means that resources need to be applied to repair damaged or lost road signs.

“This may seem like a low priority, but it’s actually a high priority given the direct link between proper signing and road safety,” Clark says. ..

“This consideration of signs, especially in flood-affected areas, should be closely related to improved maintenance discipline.

“The most common maintenance problem is the pruning of trees and other vegetation.

“Road agencies need to ensure that maintenance contractors and workers regularly mow vegetation so that they can see and read road signs from a distance that gives drivers time to react properly.

“Nat Road emphasizes that drivers cannot react properly to the content and direction of signs unless the signs are effective. This can endanger all road users.”

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Bad signs of roadside negligence say Nat Road Bad signs of roadside negligence say Nat Road

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