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It wasn’t clean for Liverpool Southampton They proved their own worst enemy with a 1-0 defeat, leaving much to argue after the final whistle.

Jurgen KloppSide continued their slump on the South Coast and was punished by ex-Red Danny Ings I couldn’t change the flow.

The Reds, mostly in the last third, rarely re-inspired to see the two games pass through without a goal in their name. It is unusual under the guidance of the Germans.

As a result, both Manchester clubs have half-opened the doors for Liverpool to leap at the table. It’s certainly not a crisis, but there are many things that need to be improved in 2021.

Here, this is Joanna Darkan from Anfield (@JoannaDurkan_) And Jack Rasby (@LusbyJack) David Comerford (@Dave_Comerford) Discuss defeat and how the Reds can regain sparks in the attack.

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David: Overall, it’s clear that the level has dropped in the last three games, so I’m reluctant to eliminate single player. However, I think the decline in Trent had a particularly big impact.

His delivery and his decision making in open play have been poor these days. His confidence is visibly suffering and he does not enjoy football to the same extent.

Life becomes much easier for opponents when he is not boiling.

Robo had a great season on the left side, but this team only works with both fullback shots.

This was another game where Liverpool couldn’t “find the way”. We bid for the title based on last season’s victory. That’s why I expected a turnaround in the second half of yesterday and a winner in the second half with Newcastle. West Brom..

Why don’t we shatter the victory? To be fair, this is not the same team and lacks the same structure. And maybe we are too demanding – the level of spirit was superhuman.

Liverpool didn’t seem to shake their belief in winning last year’s game. Now it feels more like hope than expectation.

Southampton, UK-Monday, January 4, 2021: Andy Robertson of Liverpool was spoken to referee Andrew Mariner during a match between Southampton FC and Liverpool FC's FA Premier League at St Mary's Stadium. (Photo by propaganda)

Joana: It was just a performance shell.

Liverpool found it unusually crazy, especially in the early stages. Using such emotions was not part of our game, and it definitely clouded our judgment.

The garrison wasn’t shy about defending the goal, but apart from Trent, the fact that two midfielders (three later) occupied Back 4 was terrible because they lost control in the middle of the park. was.

With ox Chiago It’s always been a long time to adjust, and later on, I participated in the game with one start during the season, so it may not have been time to start both at the same time.

Jack: I lost a count of the number of times Sarah made that little disappointing hop after losing the ball while still playing around him.

It’s an individualist, the idea of ​​”woe is me” against him at times like this, and porting other aspects of the mane throughout the game would be unquestionably terrible.

And, as Joe said, the decision to start Chiago And Ox, each for a very long time, in front of the two midfielders in the center back, could have been wrong in the future.


Southampton, UK-Monday, January 4, 2021: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (R) and Trent Alexander Arnold during the FA Premier League match between Southampton FC and Liverpool FC at St Mary's Stadium. (Photo by propaganda)

David: Why did we hesitate to shoot? SouthamptonNo. 2 is in the goal, and even he must have been surprised at the normal voyage.

Well, sometimes the angle wasn’t perfect. But’try to kick the keeper out. Expect and take responsibility for the deflection of the body’s mass. It bordered annoyingly.

“Terrible” is a summary of Liverpool’s away form this season. Consistency seems to determine this title, and at the moment my optimism is that it’s the lowest of all seasons. When Citi and United get the game, we could be third.

Even if football is less important than the broader issue, it’s a bunch of slightly dire situations so far.

Joana: Liverpool’s performance was really unforgivable, but what exactly was the referee? Absolute madness and television have been blamed for my frustration.

It’s consistency, or lack of it, and it’s unforgivable, and you can find some challenges. Chiago I got the yellow color of what led to the goal, and the mane was bundled countless times, but how Walcott escaped with Milner on both feet is beyond me. Heinous.

And while I’m not a dog piler, Trent continues to be of no kind, and Salah also saw play after the collapse of play, so it turned out to be costly on the right side. Creativity is a real struggle so far.

Southampton, England-Monday, January 4, 2021: Thiago Alcantara of Liverpool will appeal to referee Andre Mariner during the FA Premier League match between Southampton FC and Liverpool FC at St Mary's Stadium. Southampton won 1-0. (Photo by propaganda)

Jack: In the UK, it is difficult to get enthusiasm not only for such a run but also for many factors that go against the enjoyment of the game against the background of collective misery.

We rarely scream on the pitch, and we’re totally out of fans as Andre Mariner is truly obsessed with off-par nights as a referee.

The big call is clearly headlined here, but Fraser Forster was embarrassed to win the corner first, so his decision to give a foul by falling the corner during the parry was Mariner’s decision. I summarized it for you.

And how does Liverpool bring their sparks back into the attack?

Southampton, UK-Monday, January 4, 2021: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah during a FA Premier League match between Southampton FC and Liverpool FC at St Mary's Stadium. Southampton won 1-0. (Photo by propaganda)

David: We’ve seen Liverpool play against Villa on Friday and have been suggested to play Front 3, or at least one or two, hoping to return to the pre-United goal-scoring mood. Obviously, you need to balance that with the risk of stupid injuries, but how often do you see Liverpool’s sharpness diminish after a long gap between games?

We cannot escape the fact that Jota’s injury was severely hit. He looked at the course aiming for about 25 goals in every tournament and lost a forward that had proven to be a consistent match winner. He was an irreplaceable asset for this team.

He will be back in the not too distant future, but we are spending the entire season banking on returnees who will be able to pull away from our rivals and are beginning to worry that this may not happen.

Liverpool, UK-Saturday, October 17, 2020: Everton FC and Liverpool FC at Goodison Park, Liverpool's Dio Gojotta during the FA Premier League match against the 237th Merseyside Derby. The game was played in a closed room under the British Government's Social Distance Act during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The game ended with a 2-2 draw. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

Joana: First, someone needs to be ready to shoot. Usually, when things go wrong, there are potshots everywhere, but for us it feels too timid in the box.

And the look we want to reach the perfect goal is Arsenal I did it under Arsene Wenger, but someone needs to be responsible and fast – 75 minutes for a shot to the target is shameful.

Allison Coming to the late corner says it all!

Diogo Jota It would be an ideal solution as he has great tips for finding the net, but he’s still out until the end of the month and the solution needs to come elsewhere.

Minamino is hungry for chances, so I would like him to give him a chance. Shaqiri can offer an alternative option to add the coveted sparks on the front or midfield.

have Chiago It will pave the way for the goal in itself, but the player certainly needs a little wake-up call.

Birmingham, UK-Sunday, October 4, 2020: Takumi Minamino of Liverpool during the FA Premier League match between Aston Villa FC and Liverpool FC at Villa Park. The game was played in a closed room under the British Government's Social Distance Act during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Aston Villa won 7-2. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

Jack: It’s clear that Jota needs to come back, but I’m confused by why he wasn’t used in the last three games (two draws and losses) after Taki had the best performance ever to start the palace match.

Sure, this opportunity may not fit his qualities in a particular game, but as Front 3 is still struggling, sending the player who scored in the last appearance boosts Liverpool’s needs. May I do it?

Instead, he could be part of a skeleton crew playing the villa on Friday night. Talk about disillusionment.

However, this is just a poor patch for the Reds, and it’s important to emphasize that I believe things will be clicked again soon-but it’s imperative to get some of those bodies back. ..

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Bad, terrible, aggressive sparks-Southampton 1-0 Liverpool debate-Liverpool FC Bad, terrible, aggressive sparks-Southampton 1-0 Liverpool debate-Liverpool FC

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