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Balance and Pokemon Unite Wins Google Play “Best of 2021” Award – TechCrunch

Google today Presentation That “winner”Best of 2021“App Award. This highlights both corporate and user choices for the best apps and games of the past year. This year, Google is expanding its award lineup to include apps and games on tablets, Wear OS, and Google TV.The US winner included a meditation app balance As this year’s app and top game Pokemon Unite.. in the meantime, Paramount + When Garena Free Fire MAX Received the User Choice Award.

In 2020, the winners reflected a world where stressed users experienced a pandemic that turned to apps and healing games to relax. For example, Loóna, the top sleep app that was the “best app” last year, and fugitive games like the winner Genshin Impact.

The early days of the pandemic are behind us, and some of this year’s winners are apps that focus on personal growth and creativity, as well as relaxing and escaping. This also seems to reflect where we are as a society. In the past year, “Mass retirementIn “, US employees voluntarily quit unsatisfied low-paying jobs in search of something better, and the creator economy began to flourish as people pursued their passion.

In addition to the Best of 2021 app Balance, which offers personalized meditation, other personal development style winners include: Moon Lee, An app for “harmonizing your life” with the lunar calendar. “Comedy Relaxation” app, Rough scapeHypnosis app for women, ClementineBetter sleep app Sleep cycleMentorship community Mentor spaceHabit tracker and planner rabbitAnd an app for navigating the sadness from loss, sympathy..

Other winners showed how they adapted to a pandemic life, as well as an audio chat room. club houseTools to reduce screen time, such as Speechify, Or for reconnecting with nature, flower..

In addition to the winner’s balance, the complete lineup of app winners includes:

Best app

The best daily necessities

Great for fun

The best hidden gems

Great for personal growth

Great for tablets

Great for wearing

Popular on Google TV

The best game of the year was led by Pokemon Unite, a top game focused on cross-platform games.

“Pokemon Unite is Pokemon’s first strategic team battle game jointly developed by Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group. Pokemon Unite producer Masaaki Hoshino has extracted the best parts of the MOBA genre to create a new kind. I have to admit that I tried to create a game but wasn’t sure if it would be accepted by players around the world. Statement. This award has been well received by fans and the media. This is a great relief, but at the same time reaffirms our determination to do our best to make Pokemon Unite an even more exciting experience. Players’ expectations. ” He added.

More lineups also included an introspective indie experience Bird Alone, Challenge to make friends with “the most lonely bird in the world”. Annapurna Interactive’s Donut County won, among other things, a physics-based puzzle game.

Here is the complete list of game winners:

Highest competitiveness

Best game changer

The best indies

Best pickup & play

Great for tablets

Each country has its own list of award-winning apps and games that you can find in new apps and games The best section of the Play Store in 2021. The above is the US winner of Google Play.

Balance and Pokemon Unite Wins Google Play “Best of 2021” Award – TechCrunch Balance and Pokemon Unite Wins Google Play “Best of 2021” Award – TechCrunch

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