Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 3 released

Baldur’s Gate 3 continues its cheerful path through Early Access with patch 3, called “Inspiration, Freedom, and Pacifism.” Patch 3 addresses feedback from players such as excessive fire and whimsical companions. This is the first initial access patch that breaks save compatibility after an update, as Larian warns. The new features and changes in patch 3 are as follows:

There are quite a few changes and adjustments, but the big one is that Larian chose to mitigate the spread of the surface of the fire. I tend to laugh at all the fires in Larian’s chaotic battles, but admit that it’s been a while since I played Divinity: Original Sin 2. If you have recently been hit by an accidental self-immolation, you may not be very keen on it. According to Larian, players have died in 78,293 fires in the past week. Yeah, that’s a lot. They toned down cantrip spells like Fire Bolt. It can ignite flammable surfaces, but it does not create its own surface when impacted.

Larian says he’s also adjusted the companion a bit, so the negative feelings are a little less. Apparently Shadowheart tended to harass players with small disagreements. “We’ve made a number of adjustments to the companion’s approval rating,” Larian said. As an example, they say Shadow Heart no longer disapproves players and allows the vampire Astarion to feed them. It’s just between you two.

There’s more to Larian’s patch 3 notes. When you use acrobatics to jump over gaps, party members automatically join in instead of everyone performing feats individually. For each long break in the camp, you will be able to use two short breaks in the field. You will also be given the experience of passing skill checks to avoid combat encounters, so you will not be downgraded just because you are a pacifist. The serious failure of rolling one in the skill check is likely to be allowed by the actual dungeon master and can be retried. Oh, they added the option to hide your helmet. This is very important when playing the most interesting Baldur’s Gate 3 characters.

Will these smart speed runners be able to win the game 7 minutes after this new update?

Baldur’s Gate 3 was launched in Early Access on October 6, and Larian estimates that it will be at least a year before the full launch.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 patch three is here to make companions kinder and fires fewer

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