Baldur’s Gate 3 patch note sharing player in-game selection results

RRecently, Baldr’s Gate3 developer Larian Studios posted a community update to share patch notes updates and the results of selected players in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch note sharing player in-game selection results

Baldur’s Gate 3 Released earlier this month on Steam Early Access and Stadia, the RPG game was unleashed by the masses. Larian Studios is continuously improving the game during Early Access. Many of the improvements come from direct player feedback and help improve the gaming experience.

The latest patch is a big patch that not only adds common fixes to cinematics, but also completely changes the view and overall feel of the scene, as well as completely “reshoots” a particular song. I will.

In addition to fixing the patch notes, the developers shared some interesting results regarding the selection of BG3 in-game players. According to the post, the in-game dog received 400,000 pets. This is due to the large number of pets from the player. Other interesting statistics revealed included only 1.37% of players who chose to sleep alone. Romancing NPCs are a much more popular option, with Gale at the top with 33%. Shadowheart came in second with 31%.If you want to know how many people jumped to their death UnderdarkThere were 40.79% who were unsuccessful because they jumped without featherfall.

Larian also revealed the results they had sided with. It’s a bit spoiler here, so skip this part if you don’t want to know what’s going on in the game. Most players decided to stand by the tiefling, 74.85% decided to stand with them, and 25.15% chose to stand by Mintara.

Patch notes

Several improvements have been made to the game, including sound settings to improve the performance of low spec PCs and timing adjustments for some tutorial messages. The dice rolls are now displayed correctly when listening to other players’ dialogs. Another improvement is that party members can now cancel spell readiness when switching to another character. You can see the complete list of improvements / changes below.


  • Optimize your overall sound settings to improve performance on low spec machines
  • Polished some in-game cinematics
  • Opportunity attack indicator is now correctly hidden against invisible enemies
  • Improved timing for some tutorial messages
  • Improved usability of skill selection in character creation
  • Added new tutorial messages related to combat
  • When listening to another player’s dialog, the other player’s dice are now displayed correctly.
  • The reason why waypoints are not available is now displayed on the map
  • Party members now correctly cancel spell readiness when switching to another character


  • Fixed a startup crash for certain driver and hardware combinations
  • Fixed a crash related to dealing with Zevler after a raid on a grove
  • Fixed a dialog crash related to dynamic item addition
  • Fixed a combat AI crash
  • Fixed a potential crash associated with moving platforms
  • Fixed a crash related to loading save games in dialogs
  • Fixed a crash when destroying multiple familiars with a single spell
  • Fixed a crash related to unloading resources (when loading a save or returning to the main menu)
  • Fixed blocking issue when someone joins during level transition
  • Fixed a blocking issue when starting a dialog when someone leaves the game
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from saving to the host if they were stuck in the “in dialog” state
  • Fixed player getting stuck in the same dialog in the camp after choosing to fight Mintara
  • Fixed an issue where characters would get stuck in an animation if they went down during a precast spell
  • Fixed an issue where characters were not in the correct position after loading
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t talk to party members after talking to strong winds and summoning weaves
  • Fixed an issue where some spell scrolls could not be used when there were not enough spell slots
  • Fixed a rare issue for players who do not have a profile at startup. You need to select, profile, or create a new profile.
  • Fixed an issue where quest markers would not display correctly if multiple markers point to the same object or location
  • Fixed an issue where the tying celebration would not proceed correctly if the player had already taken a long break just before
  • Fixed an issue where Nautiloid door physics would reappear after saving and loading
  • Fixed an issue where Ethel wouldn’t trigger an ambush if he left home in combat
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to in-game cinematics
  • Fixed zone spells that don’t target invisible characters
  • Fixed summoning from unowned items to prevent them from participating in combat
  • Fixed an issue where Goblins weren’t using Wardrum correctly
  • Fixed an issue where lock pick progress would be out of sync
  • Fixed an issue where save game screenshots were too dark
  • Fixed an issue where spell sounds would not play properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed a long black screen that would appear if the dialog was started when another player was participating
  • Fixed an issue where Zevlor would start a dialog during combat
  • Fixed an issue where audio settings were not reset when switching profiles
  • Fixed an issue where characters could not be switched correctly in the trade window
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t click through the landscape and improved navigation
  • Fixed an issue where Gith would accidentally become hostile if Lae’zel wasn’t adopted
  • Fixed additional reroll when using inspiration points
  • Fixed an issue where inspiration points wouldn’t go up after using an inspiration point or after getting another inspiration point
  • Fixed an issue where the hidden vault entrance would close again after the puzzle had already been resolved
  • Fixed an issue where items would be marked as improperly configured wear
  • Fixed an issue where summons could be selected in the trade window
  • Fixed Zariel Tiefling priests not being able to level up to level 4
  • Fixed character creation color tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where characters could drop from the moving platform
  • Fixed some animation issues with the torch
  • Fixed an issue where the Misty Step skill could select an invalid target
  • Fixed not being able to see any hidden summons of other players
  • Fixed an issue where party members would be relocated when detaching and reattaching a character to a group
  • Fixed certain devices that still make noise after disarming
  • Fixed some texture and skinning issues
  • Fixed some minor localization issues
  • Fixed a minor issue in the action log

Mac specific:

  • Automatic crash reporter enabled on Mac

Baldur’s Gate 3 Currently available on Steam Early Access and Stadia.

If you want to try Baldur’s Gate 3 But if you’re not sure if Early Access is right for you, the following Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access First Impressions: Should I Get the BG3 EA? Please check. Need a build idea? See the Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide section.


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