Baldur’s Gate 3 reveals the most romantic characters

I love good games with romance companions. I haven’t been able to play Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3 and play with the target character yet, but yesterday’s update gives me an idea of ​​exactly who you’re heading for. We found that 33% of players romanced Gale, while 31% liked Shadow Heart more.

Sure, Larian also mentioned the load of fixing the latest patches, but I think we need to talk about your tastes of fictional enthusiasts.

Some messages running around the RPS tree house tell you what you need to know about Gale. “He’s a nice wizard man,” says one. “He’s a classic romance feed because he’s self-righteous,” says another.

of course. Of course, more than a third of you have fallen into self-righteous wizards! To be clear, I’m not ashamed of anyone. I would. Smag Wizard peak Romance option. Dragon Age: Think about Inquisition Durian. He fits the description like a glove and is also an excellent companion.

Gail even has good facial hair like Durian, I approve.

Other statistics mentioned in Larian’s post include something about sucking toes. This, to be honest, discourages touching BG3.

“It’s not very romantic (which really depends on your taste), but 5.87% of players tried to steal the ring … but 26.3% of those players just smoked their toes.” They say. “If you haven’t reached it yet, you’ll know when it will appear.”

I don’t want to go and I don’t want to see it, thank you.

However, a much better statistic from now on is petting dogs. Your amazing BG3 player has stroked the dog 400,000 times. Great job.

Regarding the above fixes, Larian made some tweaks to the game’s cinematics to fix the placement of the character in certain scenes, adding missing cinematics that were previously just blank shots.

Other common changes include many crash fixes, improved character animations, optimized sound settings, and many other minor issues. Check out the posts linked above for a complete list.

BG3 is currently in Early Access and has quite a few bugs here and there. The previous RPS VidBud Matthew Castle may be worth the wait until the game is fully released for a really great experience, but I don’t think you should put it off.

“The first act of Larian’s resurrection in the legendary RPG series has a lot to recommend it,” he said in his Baldur’s Gate 3 review. “In fact, you may want to wait for the perfect one to experience it all at once.”

Disclosure: I’ve heard that former RPSer Adam Smith is writing to Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Of course Baldur’s Gate 3’s most romanced character is the smug wizard

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