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CUBERS: Arena is an inspiring arena brawler / twin stick slasher game. Play as a slave, Valor, fighting his way through an array of gladiators to regain his freedom. A multifaceted and immersive game mode. Four unique themed arenas. All have their own atmospheric effects and enemies, destructible environments, and boss battles in campaign mode. Extensive lineup of multiplayer (and solo!) Mini games! Choose from over 100 unique weapons, weapons and skill weapons to repel enemy waves.

"A friendly fire system that anyone can use freely. This means that traps and enemies can hurt everyone, allowing for complex tactical options. Observe and plan who will be defeated first and who will unknowingly assist in the battle! A dynamic 360 degree combat experience. Slash enemies and move in any direction. Fluid gameplay means that the player has more control. Earn points in campaign modes and mini-games. Compete with other players for the highest score on the leaderboard!

Product information:
Developer: Black Isle Studios
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Website: Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
twitter: @BlackIsleStudio / @InterplayGames

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Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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