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In 18 battles under his belt, the ball is still a highly competitive super middleweight outlook and is currently dominated by something like Caleb Plant by weight class-his against Caleb Truax last weekend. The Freshness of Dominant Victory-and the clever veteran Danny Jacobs, but also an opportunity for young newcomers, including power puncher Edgar Berlanga, who stopped each of his first 16 opponents in the opening round. Ripe.

Where does the ball fit in the puzzle? He recently broke BoxRec’s top 50 out of £ 168 in the U.S. to snuggle up with fellow prospect Money Powell IV and fellow New England Elvis Figueroa to stay busy in the coronavirus pandemic. I did my best. The ball finally fought in a busy battle with Tahlik Taylor in August, breaking the record 15-1-2 with a win in the first round knockout.

Defeating Bella in April pushes his growing popularity to new heights. People who have been playing sports for long enough know Bella’s resume. Originally from Texas, the 39-year-old turned professional in 2004 after winning 14 battles. candidate Reality TV series. Vera jumped between 160 and 168, but his most impressive middleweight wins, including a knockout against undefeated prospect Andy Lee in 2008 and two wins against fellow contender veterinarian Sergio Mora. I got some. Having won Mora for the second time in 2012, he won the NABO middleweight title alone and began the most successful stretch of his professional career.

The second half of Vera’s career will include two matches with former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and a fierce battle between Willie Monroe Jr. and Rocky Fielding. Vera jumps between 160 and 168.

Ball remembers seeing Vera during the height of his reign and considers himself a fan. He also shared a stage with Bella in August in New Hampshire. After the ball did Taylor’s quick job, Vera wiped out veteran Mike Anderson in 61 seconds, winning his first consecutive win in 2020.

“When I saw him fight that night, I said to my dad,’I want that fight,'” Ball said. “When this opportunity came, I knew I had to take it.

“I’m excited,” he continued. “I need to show people that this is where I should be. I deserve this opportunity. Now it’s time to show everyone what I can do against my top opponents. Was. “

This is definitely a step up in the ball class. The ball has won six straight games since its only professional defeat in 2018, and is particularly busy between the current WBO World Middleweight Champion and the highest quality sparring between Providence, Rhode Island. Native Demetrius Andrade. The pandemic vacation took a long-awaited break from training and sparring, removed rust, and gave the ball enough time to return to the gym immediately when it was time to return to work. He focused a lot on his defense. Especially in the August match against Taylor, who lost his weight and tilted his scale at 181 pounds.

“I hadn’t fought with that weight, so I didn’t know what to expect,” Ball said. “I had to take part in my” A “game. I moved in a box and tried to bring the knockout closer to me.

“That’s a lot we’ve been working on. I’ve really been more focused on boxing than usual – trying not to hit too much and being more cautious.

“In this fight, I have more time to prepare than in my career. This is the first time I’ve been able to focus and prepare for one man, which is a benefit to me. I I think I’ll be much stronger than anyone else. “

Young Ball, who is training with his father and head coach Kenball Senior at Worcester’s Camp Get Light Boxing, expects to be in top physical and mental condition on April 17. In addition, he is committed to staying wise 168. Debuting as a true middleweight, he travels for a 6-foot-2 right-handed man who fought between 160 and 164 pounds several times early in his career. Super middleweight just feels more comfortable.

The ultimate game of the ball is to reach the pinnacle of his profession-when boxing is a full-time job and no longer a “side hustle” like many rising young fighters. Ball has never considered himself a “9-5er” and has no plans to start now. The April 17 victory over one of the sport’s most famous names will be a step in the right direction.

“I don’t want to do a normal job. I want to put myself in a position where I don’t have to do a job. Boxing is my way out to do that,” Ball said. “My goal is to win the world title and I’ve kept that idea throughout the pandemic. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, and it’s finally here. Now I’m it I have to catch. “

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Ball Jr attracts attention.Prepare for the long-awaited opportunity Ball Jr attracts attention.Prepare for the long-awaited opportunity

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