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We’re starting to understand why PlayStation 5 users are unlikely to see PlayStation 4 games running at 120 frames per second on Sony’s new console, even though the PS5 can do it perfectly. ..

Last week, Infinity Ward quietly updated Call of Duty: Warzone to run at 120fps on the Xbox Series X, but reported that it wouldn’t run on the PS5.

Warzone, which is displayed as a PS4 app when downloaded to PS5, does not start at 120Hz and has no in-game menu feature to enable it. Activision declined to comment when contacted by and speculated that the reason for this difference was related to how Sony handles backward compatibility. At the time, I was guessing that Infinity Ward would need to create a full Warzone PS5 port to enable 120 fps on the console.

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Now we have evidence to suggest that the idea is correct. The Rocket League is on a boat similar to Warzone. The very popular football driving game has been updated to run at 120 fps on the Xbox Series X, but not on the PS5. why?

Developer Psyonix tells that there are several reasons for the decision, “requires a full native port” to enable 120fps on the PS5, while on the Xbox Series X and S it’s just a “minor patch”. I pointed out that.

“The main focus of our team this year was the recent transition to free play and updates to key features such as the tournament system,” said Psyonix.

“For this reason, I had to make a tough decision about what else I could achieve. Enabling 120hz on the XboxSeries X | S is a minor patch, but to enable it on the PS5, I had to go to the console. It requires a full native port because it implements backward compatibility, and unfortunately it wasn’t possible because it was focused elsewhere. “

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This seems like a pretty clear cut to explain why PS4 games are much less likely to run at 120fps on the PS5 than Xbox One games run at 120fps on the Xbox Series X and S. Useful.

I wanted to check in to Richard Leadbetter, Chief of Digital Foundry, to see what he thought about all of this and what would happen in the future.

“120Hz support has certainly been a feature of the Xbox for the last few years, but Rainbow Six Siege was actually the only game that exceeded 60 frames per second,” said Leadbetter.

“Microsoft’s strategy has always been to pre-implement such features and VRRs (variable refresh rates), so display manufacturers had the target hardware to use, so in most cases. The foundation for next-generation games was in place.

“Currently, Sony limits 120Hz support to games specifically designed for the PS5, which means that” enhanced “PS4 games such as Rocket League and Warzone will not be able to take advantage of this feature.

“Theoretically Sony should be able to adjust this (PSVR games can run at 1080p resolutions up to 120Hz), but it requires a lot of work-and the problem focuses on the PS5. I wonder if it’s possible to redirect the engineering resources that hit the PS4 instead. The ball seems to be on Sony’s court. “

So you have it. Unless Sony sorts this out (and the company hasn’t previously expressed any signs of doing so), the PS5 120fps backwards compatibility dream will probably continue to be that: Dreams.


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