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Paris Saint-Germain superstar Lionel Messi won his seventh Ballon d’Or, setting his record as a player and, in most cases, winning personal praise.

The 34-year-old had a fruitful year at the club level, scoring 32 times in 40 appearances at all PSG and Barcelona tournaments, most notably his achievements in Argentina. And claimed the first major international trophy in his career. Winner of Copa America.

Bayern Munich’s prolific striker Robert Lewandowski was second only to Messi, but outperformed all players in the top five European leagues and made 42 appearances in all previous competitions in 2021. After winning 53 times in, he won the Striker of the Year award. Every 67 minutes.

Messi’s PSG teammate Gianluigi Donnaruma won the Yashine Trophy, was awarded the best goalkeeper, and was ranked 10th in the Ballon d’Or vote.

Donnarumma starred in Euro 2020 winner Italy and made many important saves in the shootout victory over England in the final.

Young Pedri from Barcelona and Spain won the Kopa Trophy after making a big hit in clubs and country just at the age of 19 on November 25th. He was also selected as the final candidate for Ballon d’Or and finished in 24th place.

Another Barca midfielder, Alexia Ptera, won the Women’s Grand Prize in 2020-21, helping the Catalan giant women’s team to the Champions League and national glory.

Finally, Chelsea has been nominated for 11 players in all categories, making it the first club of the year winner.

Full text of the winners:

Men’s Ballon d’Or – Lionel Messi (PSG and Argentina)
Kopa Trophy-Pedri (Barcelona and Spain)
Yashine Trophy-Gianluigi Donnaruma (PSG and Italy)
Club of the Year – Chelsea (England)
Striker of the Year – Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich and Poland)
Women’s Ballon d’Or – Alexia Putellas (Barcelona and Spain)

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Ballon d’Or: Who won what in the 2021 award Ballon d’Or: Who won what in the 2021 award

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