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Baltimore-With somersault touchdown and clutch force down conversion, Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson beat Kansas City Chiefs And his self-proclaimed “Kryptonite” was the first to be thrilling 36-35 win On Sunday night.

Jackson led short-handed Ravens to first victory Patrick Mahomes And the Chiefs ran 113 yards, threw 239 yards and lost three.

The odds seemed to be piled up against Baltimore, who beat a few injured players and dragged 11 points (35-24) to start the fourth quarter. Jackson then achieved the biggest fourth-quarter comeback of his career and performed two touchdowns, including a flip to the end zone to score a yard.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh celebrated his emotional victory by giving Jackson a big hug in the field.

“It feels good to keep the monkey off his back,” Jackson said. Jackson opposed Kansas City three out of eight regular season defeats. “Now I need to move to Detroit. I haven’t won the Super Bowl yet. It’s just one match. I need to stay focused.”

Ravens was one of the most unlikely wins and evened the record one-on-one.Injury forced Baltimore to play without an all-pro left tackle Ronnie Stanley, Top 2 running back, rookie wide receiver and first round pick Rashodo Bateman Like the other 12 on the injured list.

But Ravens had Jackson, who gave them all the confidence they needed to confuse the dominant AFC champion. Harbaugh, who had 1 minute and 5 seconds left to reach 36-35, yelled at Jackson and asked if Baltimore should go 4th and 1st on his own 43-yard line.

“I’m like’hell, yeah!'” He said again.

Jackson snapped in a pistol formation, ran up the middle of the defense, bowed to get a two-yard gain and ended the game.

It was a brave one made by Jackson and an almost unprecedented call by Harbaugh. According to a survey by ESPN Stats & Information, it was the second time since 2000 that the team finished fourth in the last two minutes of the game when it fell below the field goal.

Was there any doubt that Harbaugh would challenge it?

“No, I didn’t,” Harbaugh said. “But I think I wanted to be convinced of myself, do you know? I knew [Jackson] I intended to say yes, but at that point we were aiming for it. “

Jackson was the first quarterback of the Super Bowl era, with 100-yard rushes and two rush touchdowns in multiple games. He also drew Michael Vick in the 11th quarterback (including the playoffs) in the most 100-yard rush game.

It just didn’t have a record night qualities for Jackson. He threw two pass cuts in the first quarter, including a pick 6 on his second pass attempt.

After the second interception, Jackson, visibly frustrated, threw his helmet at the bystander.

“I know my team is going to look at me,” Jackson said. “If I were just ruined, they would be like,’What a hell, what are you doing?’ So I have to do it for my guys. My guys have my back. The first two intercepts were like “Man, you’re good. You don’t get in the way. Just play.” It was like, “Well, I have to play now. It’s over.” And that’s what we did. “

Jackson calmed down and set his biggest comeback after throwing a 42-yard touchdown to Marquis “Hollywood” Brown in the third quarter.

Before Sunday, Jackson was 0-6 in his career when he dragged more than 11 points in the fourth quarter (including the playoffs). His previous biggest comeback was 3 points (5th week in Pittsburgh 2019).

His high-flying one-yard touchdown with 3:14 remaining gave Ravens the first lead and led them forever.

“He’s a great guy,” Ravens’ tight end Mark Andrews Said. “That’s the guy there. It’s hard to put into words, but he put the team on his shoulders over and over again tonight.”

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Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson finally defeats Kansas City Chiefs Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson finally defeats Kansas City Chiefs

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