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After a Sunday night performance where the Ravens attack could only collect 16 points, after barely winning against the fledgling Cleveland Browns Lamar Jackson The company was trying to correct the ship heading for Heinz Field on Sunday. However, after the promising opening drive ended with yet another intercept, the unit remained stagnant again for most of the match against the Steelers (at least in terms of scoring). There were certainly moments when the team could build for next week, but overall, the attacks weren’t clicked in the way we were used to in the Jackson era. It was a severe loss to the stomach, a few inches away from being one of the most memorable wins in Pittsburgh we saw, but all the same.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the five most important plays of the week from the Ravens attack.

Freeman 18 yards rush

The Ravens attack fired on all cylinders in the game’s first possession. This was a refreshing surprise in the light of the pain of the early games that plagued them many times this year. Devonta Freeman Start the game with a 14-yard catch, with a combination of Jackson’s feet and sweeps Devin Dubanay I had it installed just outside the 30-yard line in Pittsburgh.

Duvernay’s sweep was very important when mentioning this play. That was exactly the setup for success. On the 2nd and 10th, Jackson moves Duberney behind him to take a snap, giving the impression that another handoff or screen is flat and passing his way.Linebacker already beaten in this play of 8 yards Devin Bush When Derek Tushka Both initially committed to Duvernay with fake play. Jackson forges a handoff to Duberney and then hands the ball to Freeman.Freeman Ben Powers And Patrick Ricard are both pulling the tackle from left to right.The wrong direction was triggered Octopus Charlton The rest of the Steelers defenders on that side then freeze momentarily, setting up blocks to allow Freeman to create the perfect lane to hit 18 in the process.

The play was very chiefs-like and was probably a promising sign from the gate that Greg Roman had a little more in his vault than we gave him credit. Unfortunately, for the rest of the afternoon, I didn’t see much of this creativity. Every week I’ve seen Duvernay become more and more involved in attacks, so hopefully the whole sequence is a sign of a burst.

More play like this will definitely help you launch a Ravens attack. This will be needed next month when strong teams such as Green Bay and Los Angeles come to town.

Jackson intercept

This is how the part of this article that I hate the most, the part that makes me fall off like anti-Lamar Jackson again, begins. All I can continue to do is guarantee that it isn’t.He has been the best player Ravens has had in any position since then Ray Lewis When Ed ReedBut he played the worst football of his NFL career last month. You can’t deny it. Looking at the final score of 20-19 on Sunday, the eighth passcut in the last four games may have been the most costly.

After the 3rd day TJ Watt Chasing hot, Jackson scrambles backwards and lofts the ducks to the end zone. Mark Andrews From his hind legs into his right arm Minkah Fitzpatrick.. With an all-clicked opening drive, earning zero points in this avoidable way was an absolute killer, as we saw the rest of the day. Whether it’s completely out of rhythm, lost confidence in the attack, or given Pittsburgh the sparks he needs, it’s what the rest of the game is about the points on the board. It clearly affected how it was done.

Like yesterday, we need to listen to someone not wanting to throw away Jackson’s ball. There may be no play. If the running lane isn’t available, you need to pollute it. The line between playing smarter football and getting rid of what makes Jackson special isn’t as thin as a razor, but there’s still plenty of room to achieve both.Injury Marlon Humphrey In this game, it may only increase the pressure he feels in every play to create magic, but you can’t sacrifice simple points early in the game. If this issue isn’t fixed, it could be a cold holiday season for the Ravens herd if the team’s schedule goes down.

Freeman 3 yards TD

Outside the last drive of the game, we attack their roses on this, as this was their best possession of the day. Undoubtedly one of the top five punts in NFL history, Ravens was backed up on his one-yard line and scored down the 99-yard field. With 16 plays and a drive that took more than 10 minutes overtime, it’s very reminiscent of the 2019 record-breaking attack we were looking for last month.

The drive was limited by the play that was the pan and butter of the attack of the era: Ricardo and the right side of the attack line were washed away with their blocks and the power ran to the right. By creating that muddy in the middle of the line of scrimmage, Freeman had only green grass in the empty area on the right to waltz into the end zone. It wasn’t flashy, but it worked perfectly.

Also, due to Devonta Freeman’s play in the second half of the season so far, this section cannot be completed without providing large props again. He is the only person outside of Duberney who appears to be improving weekly, as most of Ravens’ attacks are completely stagnant. He finished the game with 100 all-purpose yards, 5 catches, and shyness for this touchdown.He was literally the most aggressive player on the field for most of Sunday afternoon, and now he’ll be adding his name along with something like Willis McGahee When Justin Faucet An aging running back that has reached its true second act in Baltimore

Watkins TD

Ravens, who turned his back on the wall, appeared to remain in the tank enough to draw yet another incredible victory from behind the victory.Jackson looked calm when he went on strike Marquise brown Duvernay in the middle (22 yards and 18 yards, respectively) enters the red zone. Despite how it ended up, this drive could actually be built this week before heading to Cleveland. With Ravens’ late success in a game of performing huddleless attacks this year, you’ll be wondering why you can’t see any more through the other three-quarters.

At 3-5 from Pittsburgh’s 6-yard line, Jackson takes a snap and quietly passes his reading.As Pass Rush approaches, he just fires darts into the end zone in between Cameron Sutton When Tre Norwood NS Sammy Watkins, A person who makes tough grabs that can’t afford. Despite early injuries and a fateful night in Miami, Watkins was what Ravens fans were expecting from him when they arrived on the team. He never illuminates the stats sheet, but at the end of the game he brings a veteran presence and tips for a big play. I saw it in Detroit, I saw it in Chicago, and I saw it here again. I’ll see it at least one or two more times before the curtain closes this season. This was almost the same result as the previous catch …


2 point conversion failed

There’s a lot to break down here, so I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet. First of all, John Harbaugh’s call for two points was an absolutely right decision. As he laid out at the press conference, the secondary was in a difficult situation after losing Humphrey on the previous drive. The Steelers had just scored 17 points in the fourth quarter, even with him in the game, and there were no signs of a slowdown. The options were to trust the fate of the coin toss, or to trust the attack and the former MVP quarterback in a single play. This is a simple decision seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

The play call itself is also correct. Fitzpatrick covered Andrews in the play with a one-to-one defense, so by lining him up behind the line as wings and pulling him to the right on the route, Fitzpatrick could reach him in time. could not. The end zone was found. For all intents and purposes, this brought two simple points, and Ravens should have left Pittsburgh with a monumental victory. Unfortunately, things can go the other way.

After spending a few days digesting it, the blogger’s humble opinion is that the obstacles aren’t just in Jackson and Andrews, but in the way things were destined to go that day (). Expert analysis). But seriously, TJ Watt has enough normal pitch and catch connections between him and Andrews to keep the ball out of reach by clogging Jackson’s throwing lane. I changed and played as good as I could. You can talk about the decision to leave Watt unblocked in play. There are some pretty terrible screenshots posted on social media that draw offensive lines with negative light, but play should still be working.

Even if all situations are the same, Ravens may be connecting with that path 7 out of 10 times. This day it wasn’t intended.

wrap up

In inch games, it’s always difficult to break down such a match, as the story changes completely based on the result of a single play. That said, the Ravens attack is still a big problem, and you haven’t been able to score 20 points in the game for a month. Some things, such as offensive lines, may not be fixed before the end of the season, given the circumstances. Sales, a consistent lack of creativity in theatrical calls, but they can and need to be fixed quickly. After a trip to Cleveland this weekend, the next time we analyze the five most important plays from the Ravens attack, we’ll see if they can do it.

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Baltimore Ravens: The Story of the Tape Baltimore Ravens: The Story of the Tape

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